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  1. Hey Jeremy, contact me, I have some info. for you????
  2. I agree that Stratford is the team to beat. I also, think McGavock and Antioch will be right in there.
  3. The best coach for the job is Pete Froeden, but he probably will not get it because of the home town boy. And that is the truth!
  4. Opperman, you are probably right. I just heard the rumor, but it could be in the bidding stages for the year after next.
  5. The boards are not near as good or accessible as the old. Sorry, but they are not!
  6. I heard for a fact that the TSSAA is considering Memphis for a site for the State Tournament this year.
  7. I heard a rumor that the state tournament may be played in Memphis this coming year?? Anyone else heard this? what do you think?? :confused:
  8. Charlie was a remarkable coach and still is. He has won at every level. I don't know how many games he has won , but I know that every kid he coached is blessed to have had him. He is one of Tennessee's best all-time coaches.
  9. We would be very interested in being in the Dyersburg tournament. Maplewood High School, Nashville, TN. If openings are still open, let me know. We will call if openings are available. Let us know. thanks.
  10. I think John Pierce would be a great fit. He is a good sound coach. By the way, I was not whining , just having a little fun. MBA is a special job; I hope they get a good coach. I thought Jerry Meyer was an excellent coach, but I know there are others just as capable. Good luck to the Big Red.
  11. Do you think MBA would talk to an old public school coach who has had some success. Success that includes playing players that are better than others, even if they don't have rich fathers? Huh?
  12. Lenny Manning - Maplewood. He played at Miami, Ohio and Austin Peay. Great basketball player!
  13. Doc Shelton, he has won two state championships. Hard to beat that, but thanks for the respect DR. Cross.
  14. Give me average players with no attitudes and I can win. Give me players that think they are great and have attitudes and no one can win. Would you as a coach want to coach a bunch of attitudes??? Well, I am one that would not. What do you think?
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