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  1. How does Bledsoe, Jasper, Sequatchie, South Pittsburg, Whitwell, Grundy, and Richard Hardy's Middle School Baseball Teams shape up this season?
  2. So the dust is starting to settle, Marion vs South Pittsburg Tonight. Any Thoughts? Any Surprises this year? Anyone seeing anything different for next year?
  3. MARION18


    I was hearing everyone was looking pretty good.
  4. MARION18


    So now that everyone has played a few games, What does everyone think about these teams?
  5. Yes they do. Lot's of support and money going into that program. Makes for a wonderful place to Coach Baseball
  6. Smokinote, I was saying that this area is getting hot again. These are smaller communities, where Baseball use to run deep, and once again they are building. I'm not saying any of these teams will make runs at the state, but three are in the same District, and could surprise lots of folks. I have the uttermost respect for High Schools, that work hard to build, then rebuild. That is always difficult in small rural areas
  7. FelixGrundy.. So true with that statement. That is a place where Baseball runs deep, with great former coaches like Ladd and Roberts, now this coach has took it to the next step. While I believe that Marion, South Pittsburg, Whitwell, Sequatchie : All with new coaching staffs, still could be strong from what I am hearing. Of course, SP only lost a min number of players, one or two. I hear that the Barton's are back home at Marion, Whitwell went with Alumni for their coaching staff, and SCHS hired a young coach. This could shape up to be a hot spot for Baseball in Tennessee.
  8. Marion looks strong, against local talent. I hate to say that our area is down, in size,speed,power, and talent to the rest of the state.
  9. I like the ideal. Should be a great turn out if all area coaches get on board.
  10. Just wondering what the "New Old" Staff at GCHS will look like?
  11. In all Honesty, does Signal go with someone new and fresh, hoping that the new Districts help them?
  12. MARION18

    2015 6A

    Anyone else have any thoughts on 6A?
  13. Everyone says South Pittsburg in 6A. I'm not sure of the state at Whitwell or Marion, but hear that winning spirit is back at both schools, coming off good Football seasons. All 3 Valley teams could come out strong. Grace I heard will be better than in years past. Notre Dame, is like any other private, should be strong.
  14. Not sure about John Allen. I wonder if there is a chance Signal goes with someone new. I heard at work that there is a few from the Seq. Valley area that could have some interest. One I think lives at Signal now. With a few former Head coaches already on staff, is it possible they go that route, and then hire some assistants to fill one of these teaching jobs.
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