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  1. Ooltewah did pretty good against mccallie..blue tornado won.Ooltewah is very,very young on defense.
  2. The beatdown is minutes away....Rebels 54-21 (if its that close)
  3. Farragut was by far the better team tonight.The Refs were some of the worst Ive seen in a long time.The only thing worst than those guys were some of our lovely fans,.,,.,Some of the worst ,Ive ever heard at Ooltewah(and Ive been with and around some bad ones myself).Screaming F-bombs and yelling BS!!! and every other Adult word you can come up with(.embarassing).Had to get parents out of the locker room at halftime etc...anyway Proud of this years team they were definitely over-achievers for sure.The coaches did an excellent job(did a lot more coaching behind the scenes off the field).There's a lot more to coaching highschool kids than standing on a fence yelling at certain kids to "call his own plays" or "do what you do" etc...from people that never even played football and probably cant spell football!! Farragutt will hang around till midway thru 2nd qtr next week,then Maryville will more than likely take ADs to the woodshed,by the 4th. Im hoping ADs pull out a squeeker 28-27,but Maryville is playing on another level right now(as usual). REBELS 47-7...
  4. called it?....whatever that means.
  5. MANNING 2 TD s and 140 yds receiving owl QB has had a big game too
  6. When Manning caught the ball? he had 2 catches 1 for 1 yd and 1 for maybe 6 yds. which were right in middle of everybody.There were several times Manning was wide open and didnt even get a look,it has nothing to do with raiders coverage,it happens when owls play very weak teams with no secondary.And Manning had 100 yds and 2 tds against Maryville and he was double teamed all night,but the coach at times decided to throw it to him.So I agree with bipper....the play calling held him in check not cleveland.
  7. Andrew Manning #13 1 catch for 1 yd with 3 min left?
  8. you (raiders)cant take away Manning.He had 100 yds rec and2 tds against maryville and he was double n tripled team all night,the only way(has been all year)he can be a non factor is the play calling,period.Throw 1-2 passes early and throw 1-2 late in desperation been that way for 3 yrs. Coach just as a certain rythmn or whatever you want to call it and he never gets away from it. Anyway owls have other backs to hand off too,Ooltewah will loose nothing,if quinn doesnt play(my opinion).Owls win in another barn burner 45-42 or 38-35 maybe higher score than that?
  9. Just keep feeding #4...and throw it down field to 7-11. And tackle tackle tackle
  10. Andrew Manning is a man among boys what a catch n run TD owls 40-0 4th qtr about to start
  11. Ooltewah wins big in this one.I hope Soddy QB stays healthy and kinda sorta has a good game,(because I like the little dummy).Anyway If Ooltewah's defense is all there and plays like they have last 2 games(great tackling and hard hitting)Soddy will not score alot....soddy cant stop owls offense(my opinion).It will be a good game 1st half,but owls pull away.45-21 OWLS....
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