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  1. Ok we are now into the 3rd week of district play, who comes out on top? Some of the perennial power houses seem to have had a sluggish start to the season. Is this the year of a new champion?
  2. BaseballGuy23

    7 AAA

    We are coming down the home stretch in District play who is going to take this year's regular season crown and auto bid to regions?
  3. Alright folks we have 4 teams currently vying for that coveted automatic bid to region with such a tight race in arguably the best district in TN I am shocked to not see more 7AAA posts. Who do you got down the stretch? Can Blackman hold on? Will Stewarts Creek make a run? Can the Warriors pull it out? Or will the defending champs turn it on down the stretch? With 2 huge series left for everyone one thing is for sure the end of the season should be a fun one.
  4. I agree with you for the most part. However no matter how "down" they are expected to be it is hard for me to see Riverdale finishing 4th and I just do not see Oakland finishing that high unless they have added some new players or had some really good freshmen last year that did not play varsity. 1. Siegel 2. Stewarts Creek 3. Riverdale 4. Blackman 5. Oakland/Smyrna 6. Oakland/Smyrna 7. Lavergne One thing I think we can all agree on is this will be another great season in one of if not the toughest districts in the state.
  5. BaseballGuy23

    7 AAA

    It is that time again baseball time in Tennessee. How do you see this district turning out this year? Will the Stars keep the crown? Or will there be a new champ in 2017?
  6. With all that being said its pretty obvious Siegel is the favorite, anyone see any underdogs making a run?
  7. Very true a lot of the time that's what it comes down to especially in the Losers bracket its not always the best team that comes out but the one with the most pitching depth.
  8. As David has already shown you it is black and white and to answer your second question as to why two teams lost because of it that's pretty simple high school umpires are not very good. So now you see why we said 100% wrong
  9. The batter was no where near first base yet he was barely halfway down the line so even in your scenario it should still be second and third and 2 outs
  10. The rule is a two base error from the time of the pitch so when the pitch was thrown there was a runner on first so if this had been ruled correctly he would be put on third and the batter would be put on second but it was ruled incorrectly by the umpire in this case and the runner on first was allowed to score therefore that makes your first post 100% wrong
  11. Any idea what the tournament bracket looks like?
  12. Unfortunately for everyone involved this play was called incorrectly. Smyrna should have been awarded second and third and still had 2 outs this was definitely a disappointing end to an other wise well played/coached game
  13. OK the weather is getting colder and that can only mean one thing it's Baseball time in Tennessee. So lets hear the predictions for 7 AAA this season. Will the Warriors stay on top? Or will someone else take the crown this season?
  14. 2 outta 3 upsets that is what you have to love about baseball anyone can win on any given day. Should be an interesting day 2 as well with: Lavergne hosting Stewarts Creek at 6:00 Smyrna playing Blackman at 4:00 Riverdale playing Oakland at 7:30 bot of these games are at Riverdale
  15. Obviously Riverdale is the favorite going in, but what is everyone's predictions? It is time for the real season to start, so who do you think will make a run and who will go home early?
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