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  1. I saw this job is open again....what happened?
  2. One of my favorites would have to be Gatlinburg-Pittman. I think Greeneville and Grainger are pretty nice also.
  3. GB, I was looking at Quad 1 and I have a question. If Grainger beats Cumberland Gap and G-P beats Pigeon Forge, would that make Grainger the 5 seed, Carter the 6 seed, Gibbs the 7 seed, and Claiborne the 8 seed?
  4. Wow!!! With all this talent, how did they finish 3rd in the region. /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" />
  5. /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> I appreciate the invite
  6. I agree with you, Grainger should have won the game. They are 3A and Cosby is 1A. I know that does not always happen, for example Cosby has beaten two 3A schools. Cosby is a good team and I did not mean to take anything away from them. I just voiced my opinion of the game, and I am sorry if I offended you. However, Friday night, one of the Cosby coaches came out of the press box and said that "the scoreboard is wrong, we won that game." Anyone sitting in the area of the press box could have heard him. So, I am just saying the scoreboard is what matters, not the box scores. Best of luck, the rest of the season.
  7. Sounds good /hungry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":hungry:" border="0" alt="hungry.gif" /> . Best of luck to you as well.
  8. Did your feelings get hurt Friday night?
  9. I was at this game Friday night, and I usually do not like to get on here and comment when fans from another team describe the game. However, the Cosby faithful, with their idiotic comments, have caused me to voice my opinion. First, you can look at the stats all you want. You lost on the scoreboard and that is all that matters. You can take your moral victories and pretend to be 8-0, but you are 7-1. You are undefeated no more. Secondly, you can whine and say that you had 5 turnovers. I am pretty sure that Grainger caused the turnovers. How about giving them a little credit, for causing bad throws and jarring the ball loose on the fumbles. I am pretty sure that Grainger had a couple of turnovers as well. Plus Grainger has a ton of penalty yardage. Thirdly, you can complain and say that you were in the red-zone however many times and that you should have scored more points. I am pretty sure that Grainger did not score every time that they were in the red-zone, but you do not hear their fans on here saying that they should have scored more points. I guess the Cosby fans did not see this in their rose-colored glasses. Fourthly, Skylar McBee was the best athlete on the field and you are wrong about his attitude and his endurance. The kid runs about a 50 yard sprint on every single play. No matter what kind of shape you are in you are going to get winded doing that. The entire offense is put on his shoulders every play. Very rarely is there a play that he just turns around and hands the ball off. As far as him coming off on defense, don't schedule 3A opponents if you are going to complain that they sub some of their players. You will not find a more humble athlete than Skylar, so you can just stop judging him since you don't know anything about him. Cosby sent two guys to kill him on defense one play and he was just standing his ground when you Cosby fans thought he was being unsportsmanlike. Nice try though. Fifthly, I never saw #5 being triple teamed. I think you are touting your sophmore 1A WR a little too much. Grainger sees better receivers than him every Friday night. Sixthly, the attitude of the Grainger kids was no different than the Cosby kids. It was a hard fought game and tempers flared on the field. That is football. If the incident happened in the locker after the end of the game, then the Grainger kids are wrong. Were they provoked or did they do it on their own? No one on here knows, so you should get all the facts before making accusations. Finally, Cosby, have a little class because you just got beat by a better team. I know that you all think that you were unbeatable, but that was proven wrong. And yes the scoreboard is all that counts. Go to Hampton with your tail between your legs and play hard again.
  10. The Grainger Grizzly Stadium is very nice. The picture does not serve it justice. There is still some work that needs to be done, but it could rank towards the top in the area. There is some bare spots around the edges and some other things that could be done in the future to really make it great.
  11. I agree with you. Seymour is a 4A school, too. I am not trying to take anything away from Carter or Seymour. They both have good teams year in and year out, but their enrollments are greater than any of the other teams in that region. If they don't finish 1-2, then they have underachieved.
  12. I like how all the carter fans like to run their mouth and say that they are undefeated in the region, but I do not think that is saying much since they are a 4A school playing in a 3A region. I guess we will see how good they are next year when they play where they should.
  13. If Seymour had a coaching staff???????? Maybe you should take a look at Householder's record.
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