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  1. I think we need to call CNN and hire a special investigator. It’s clear that Durdon is spreading lies and misinformation in a conspiratorial plot to bring down parts of the wrestling community.
  2. I think Region 4 had the best team in duals and individuals so I don’t think it matters which one.
  3. Ow just needs a participation trophy for his region to make him sleep better at night.
  4. Which state tournament did region six win to take their place??
  5. What happened after the Reiniche match. I never could see. I heard that some of the Father Ryan’s fans were yelling stuff at him and then he responded. I couldn’t see though.
  6. I talked to several of the Cleveland parents the other night and they had not even heard it was happening.
  7. Cleveland has really done well tonight
  8. Logan Whiteside will be tough at 132.
  9. I think you have a troll or two on your hands and is just trying to get people fired up. Don’t think you are dealing with a cleveland fan.
  10. Bradley wins on last weight class
  11. If Bradley makes it to the finals, you never know what could happen.
  12. Now that school has started back, who are the incoming freshman and transfers to be looking at this year?
  13. I had been happy that all of the Region 4 talk had gone away too, especially in this thread and then the people that blame region 4 for talking, are the ones that continually bring it up it seems. Seems like we might not be the ones that has the problem.
  14. Hicks didn't seem himself the other night at Regions in that final match he wrestled. Don't know if he didn't feel good or what.
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