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  1. Link http://atwsportscast.com/Loretto vs LC 4 16 2018.htm
  2. Live video webcast of Loretto vs Lawrence County at 12:30 can be seen at http://atwsportscast.com/baseball2018.htm
  3. A replay of the Loretto vs Columbia Academy game from April 12 can be watched from the link below. http://atwsportscast.com/baseball2018VOD.htm
  4. Live webcast of Loretto vs Columbia Academy can be seen at: http://atwsportscast.com/baseball2018.htm Game starts at 6:30
  5. T C (can I call you TC?) I think this will go far beyond the smaller schools in Maury County, it will also effect Central and Spring Hill most likely. I was one parent that got tired of seeing what one of my children was going through on a basketball team that had good players, just poor coaching. And CA can compete in D II at the A level. Win the State? Not currently but they would give most (D II) a good game if they didn`t win. In the near future? Absolutly, because now they would be dipping into Central and Spring Hill programs legally with parents that want better for their child, so there isn`t recruting going on, and now with the financial aid that is need based, you may see CA playing at a level of BA, MBA, etc.
  6. I think this may be going a little too far on this board.
  7. Sorry karl98, You were being sarcastic, my bad
  8. The only way to find out is to play them. Would have been a great match up between two teams. BA also still has an open date for football on their 2018 schedule too. They do schedule a few D1 games on their schedule. Just asking, did you see BA play this year?
  9. I think with the Pubs it`s really hard to keep a good coach. All good coaches are looking to get to the private level (Division 2 AA paying over $100,000 to most football coaches) or looking for the better job at a larger public to come open. I just wonder what the level of payment at CA is compared to the local schools in Maury County? I do know my daughter was a starter as a freshman on her high school basketball team (at one of the bigger high schools in Maury county, none on CA`s schedule) and refused to play her next three years of ball. Why? Poor coaching. Really a nice person (the coach), but no winning attitude. This falls into needing a teacher to fill a slot that wasn`t qualified to coach. Weather CA is recruting or not if there is good coaching for a program the athletes will always show up. I wonder how many good athletes might be walking the halls instead of playing ball at these other schools. By the way, does CA allow students the chance to work to help pay for their tuition? I think Division 2 allows this. And don`t eat pig poop, I don`t know first hand but my dogs tell me it`s not that good, and they are experts.
  10. I had a child go to Santa Fe the years that Culleoka were stacked and they were accused of the same thing. Were they recruiting? Don`t know. But just about all the teams in the District were tough. That was the mid 2000`s. From a history lesson from the resent past (that I was wittness to) if a school is doing this the parents at that school that have sent their children there from kindergarten up to high school will act sooner than TSSAA will. When their child doesn`t make a sports team or doesn`t start because of a child that gets brought in during the "High School Years" these people stop supporting the school with their money or even go as far as to send that child or remaining children to another school. These "Recruited Players" never bring any future support to the school so I feel they are more of a burden in the long run. If this is happening at CA I think the parents will take care of it. It may take a little time (sorry to say), but if the money stops coming in to support their programs the administration will make the change. AS far as the other schools not willing to play them in the District I kind of understand it, but not enough to duck them until playoffs. Playing the good teams during your season only makes you better (and if you got a good coaching staff that can capitalize from the outcome). As far as them going to DII, if I couldn`t get my district foes to play me I think I would have scheduled as many games as possible against schools like MBA, Father Ryan, BA, Ensworth, etc. It would make their travel schedule a lot closer, the quality of play is good. I have seen CA play one game this year and that was against Grace Christian in Franklin, they were ok but not as good as the team they had in the mid 2000s that Brent Hill played on.
  11. And yes I have ask to leave the gym for my actions, but not lately
  12. DC (can I call you DC?) Where I broadcast from seems to draw the better Refs, I should have said that. And I know that`s true and the parents at these schools don`t know how good they have it either. Where my daughter played high school ball we got the same kind of Refs you describe. My question is how do you get the refs I see? Is the pool that small?
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