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  1. I am of the mind that you can make it happen with either one. I would not expect the offense to be much different than in production than years past.. They still have one of the best offensive players in the state and maybe even a QB that can get him the ball more often.
  2. Agreed! I do not know much about the team this year but they have performed well in 7 on 7 this Summer. We will see how they look with the pads on. From what I have heard, the quarterback position should be pretty solid. Boy named Messenger is going to start and from what I hear he has the best arm of any QB they have had recently. Less mobile, though. Will be interesting to see if they ease some more Gun into the offense this fall. It showed some promise when they went to it last season. Other than the QB, Bowen is back and will be hard for anyone in the region to defend. I’m not certain who the primary ball carrier will be but I’m assuming it is the young man that had the knee injury late in the year at Rossview. He was having a mighty fine season until the injury. Just three more weeks till we are back at it, gentleman!
  3. I’m very curious to see how Mt. Juliet stacks up against top tier talent this week. I think the home team keeps this one a lot closer than most on here think. One thing I have enjoyed seeing since I began following them is that they are usually very well prepared and I have no doubt that will be the case again this week. I’ll predict Mt. Juliet to be in really good shape at halftime and lose in the second half. I’ll go with 27-21 Blackman.
  4. Halftime: Mt. Juliet 42 Cookeville 0 Blackman @ Mt. Juliet should be a great atmosphere next week.
  5. Credit Hendersonville for not giving in at halftime and trying to battle back but Mt. Juliet was a couple scores better. A lot has been made about their schedule but their region was much tougher this year than it was last season and they still came out of it undefeated. They are not going to be an easy out in these playoffs but I still don't think they have enough to win at Oakland if they can make it past Blackman.
  6. I would say MJ would be slight underdogs in those games.
  7. I was able to attend this game last night and it was fantastic. I thought BA would win by multiple scores but I don't follow II-AAA very closely.. I know McCallie came in as a highly touted team, but how big of a shocker was that? My sisters husband follows the Eagles closely and wasn't quite as surprised as I was.
  8. Mt. Juliet defeated McGavock 38-2 last night for those that didn't know. I was unable to attend the game so can not provide any more than that.
  9. Yes I was unable to make the playoff game last year but from what I hear that game could have easily gone the other way if not for a bad start from Mt. Juliet. That is not the point though.. Oakland and Blackman are the teams to beat and until the Bears do that they will not be considered elite by many
  10. I don't think so either. I just don't get calling a team that is likely to have back to back undefeated regular seasons "overrated". They aren't the best team in the state and I am not claiming they are but let's give credit where it is due. They are a really good football team.
  11. And they beat Hendersonville on the road by three touchdowns... What’s your point?
  12. Halftime. Mt. Juliet leads Rossview 41-3.. But they are going to lose to Hendersonville.
  13. You can believe that all you want.. Truth is, Mt. Juliet is not going to lose to Hendersonville at home.
  14. We will see how the two teams play down the stretch, but at the moment, I am not expecting Hendersonville to challenge Mt. Juliet any more than Rossview does this week. I think the Golden Bears beat both by 2-3 scores.
  15. What do you mean by "aren't as good as advertised?" As far as I have seen everyone expects them to go 10-0 and then lose quickly in the playoffs... And there is very little doubt that they will be 10-0.
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