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  1. it will probably be the only region win for either
  2. Who? Never heard of them. Let me check your crudentials....well that was fast it comes up as yall suck! As much as i despise springfield they would smoke sasqautchville as well. The only thing you guys are good at is playing kick the can and playing banjos!
  3. You look ridiculous with 80's senior picture.
  4. To talk the talk you got to walk the walk and in a few hours we will be 2 stepping up and down the field like we do at every stadium located off of highway 76!
  5. neither team is very good honestly White House will beat them both by 30
  6. I would love for white house to have the chance to play alcoa
  7. you cant gas anyone from springfield up. They are all to lazy to be gassed up. They are gonna realize real fast they are not on BDP level. When we walk in the stadium its gonna be like the CHAMPS are here!
  8. its already came up but honestly the whole team feels the same way. We taking these chumps out
  9. promise you we would have played them better than you scrubs
  10. I play for White House. We hurt him last year. All i keep hearing this year is he goes out every game with cramps. Then the film we watched on clarkesville he was no factor at all. Honestly 8 is best player on that team in my opinion.
  11. 63-0 may be a stretch cause coach will call the dogs off. Springfield will lay down when hit in the mouth....23 will try to show off and do nothing but talk. most overhyped under performed player in midstate
  12. Then only keys to the game for Springfield is the keys to start your cars and go home. There is zero chance they beat us..we throw over top of them all night. And we shut down SCARY cat once again. Hopefully this year supermans powers will stay with him so he will at least play more than a quarter.
  13. actually play for white house. And yes i know alot about them...we been waiting for this game for a whole year since the last time we kicked their butt and they made excuses it was because superman went down. I will be here all year you can count on that
  14. did you watch your film?? Clarksville toasted that ZONE coverage all night. They picked on 6 all night. He got 1 interception against station camp...great considered he has had more balls fly over his head than richard simmons. you guys are very small and your linebackers are the worst i have ever seen in springfield. your defense is weak dude BDP hanging 50 on ya
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