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  1. No lie. The Bobcats have had a terrible season. I don’t know if it’s experience, talent, coaching or a little or all of the above. It’s been a disappointing season. We’ve all been there at one point in time. I just hope they figure out how to turn it around by next year.
  2. Really disappointed in the Bobcats this year. I am not sure if it’s the coaching or the players but something needs to change.
  3. Because Greenbrier is just over the line, you'd be surprised how many Davidson tags mingle in to GHS. The kids just south of the line are zoned for Hunters Lane. Most state they'd rather pay than to send their kids to a school with almost 2000 kids 9-12. They get tuition from them yet allow a resident to go to a school out of their zone but within the county. There's no profit in that.
  4. This was a total mess. The DOJ took kids out of school zones they had been in all their lives.
  5. Didn't expect the final to be so lopsided. That final score didn't look like Haywood was an underdog. Springfield must have had a bad game.
  6. Seriously....could hear the crowd yelling at the Zaxby's drive thru. I heard the announcer talking about a throw on the 20 I think being incomplete followed by loud cheering. They should turn that scoreboard toward 76. Like I said the other day here, Portland is rolling. I kinda had a feeling this game would go this way. I didn't drive to MC, so I checked out the Heritage -Creekwood game. Creekwood is rolling too. Run back for a TD on the kickoff, and it was pretty much all Red Hawk from there. You will hear the name Stansberry a lot. Buckle up.
  7. If Portland keeps their momentum, I'm going with the Panthers. The Vols need to do whatever they did.
  8. Greenbrier wins 42-21. Good luck to WH Heritage the rest of the way.
  9. Wow! I knew this may be an "come-upance" for WH but I didn't expect this big of spread. Congrats to the Yellow Jackets.
  10. Both teams coming off losses. Greenbrier lost to Portland last Friday night and Heritage to Macon County. This game in at the Brier Patch and will be a test for Heritage first year head coach, Stetson Dickerson as he goes against his alma mater, and the coaching staff he was on for the last few years. Bobcat "lightning and thunder" duo Escue and Taylor will be eyeing Heritage's threat in Deaton and company. The Bobcat Nation will be out in full force and the visitor side will fill up fast. Heritage is looking for a the first win in a long time. In my opinion, this probably won't be it. Greenbrier will be hyped to get back in the W's. Go Green. All 4 quarters!
  11. This one would be fun to watch. Good luck to both sides. Always play it like it's last one. (sorry for the video....can't delete it.)
  12. Congrats to the Bobcats for a 49-33 win in the first home game over the West Creek Coyotes. Both sides had breakthru players that when in the open were hard to stop. This Bobcat team is clearly still working out the kinks because if not for so may penalties this game may have been a wider spread. Disappointed to see a Coyote player be hurt and carted off by the EMT's tonight. Hope someone will post and let us know how he is doing. Equally disappointed to see #93 on the Coyote team pull a punk move by coming off a tackle walking away from the play by about 10 yards and taking a stage bow to the Bobcat fans. Not cool, kid. It was good to see your coach walk you to the sideline for a little humble pie. Way to go, Cats for serving a second helping. On a side note: What an awesome group effort by so many Greenbrier fans becoming a cleaning crew tonight! All ages were picking up their own trash and trash of others who were not so thoughtful! I'm so proud of everyone that cleaned to show pride in our stadium! Enjoy the win, Cats and then back to the game film. Figure out a way to cut down those penalties!
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