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  1. Pickett vs RBS cancelled. RBS boys have scheduled Western Ky Trailblazers in their place.
  2. I'll be heading to Red Boiling Springs tonight to watch my Bobcats. Big game for both squads. RBS coming off a 5 game losing streak. Bobcats gave one to Trousdale Friday night. Talent favors RBS, coaching favors my Bobcats. If RBS loses this one, they may play Aaron Academy in an emergency game Thursday night to put out the fire. I like Pickett in a close one tonight. If Coach Smith was coaching RBS group we would get demolished. Thank goodness he isn't. I'll be wearing my Tennessee Orange tonight! Go Vols! Gordonsville vs Trousdale. I have no idea both teams cant give it away can they? Monterey vs Clarkrange. Should be really competitive, I like Monterey in a close one. Clay vs Jackson. Clay by 10+. Clay is superior to everyone in district. Good luck and safe travels to all!!!
  3. Save yourself the time. Slowest pace of play in the state of Tennessee. Make your eyes bleed slow. They should change their mascot to the tortoises due to their pace. LOL
  4. This district really is a whirlwind. Gville beats my Bobcats. Bobcats are a year away. Gordonsville is the surprise so far pretty talented squad. Clarkrange beats Jackson by 3. Kind of surprised. Pretty similar IMO. Clay beats Monterey by 25. Wow, Clay is really hitting their stride. Tdale beats RBS by 30! is that right? I assume it is, just shocking. Like i stated previously, and caught heck from a Macon County fan. This team has immense potential, you have the most dominant player in Single A ball. That's some Butch Jones type stuff. Feel bad for those kids. There were whispers Marsh was looking at going Private.
  5. Early predictions tonight for 6a boys. Clay vs Pickett- Clay in one that will be close for 3 quarters, Clay will pull away at end. Trousdale vs Monterey - Haven't saw Trousdale play yet, ill take Montery since they are at home. Gordonsville vs Jackson Co. - Jackson Co. in a close game. RBS vs Clarkrange - as ive stated, RBS has just as much talent as Clay or potential i must say. I will take Clarkrange, they aren't very good but will at least be prepared and in shape. Clarkrange in a big upset.
  6. How did the Jackson Rbs boys game go? Pickett played the worst game of their season, I was not impressed with Clarkrange boys.
  7. You ever call and ask about Lay up Line defense vs Merrol Haggard? Also how did Macon play friday night?
  8. 1. Clay Co. - Most Talent, Best player Woodcock. 2. Gordonsville - Surprise so far, got a feeling the falter down the stretch. 3. Jackson - Well coached, average talent. 4. Pickett- Dropped one they shouldn't have, Jackson coach had good game plan unlike last home game we played. 5. Trousdale- Dangerous if football players get healthy. 6a- Clarkrange - Not much talent, decently coached. 6b Red Boiling Springs- 1a to 1b to Clay in terms of talent. 6c- Montery- Shell of what they were last year.
  9. Insane stat drop Tigerman. Lets just not acknowledge Merrol Haggard Hyde dropping 100, and an average of 2 wins per year vs tssaa schools.
  10. You are a Macon County aficionado. I've heard whispers the early year's of success were Coach Smith Pickett girls coach product and Owens was a caretaker but wasn't living around here at the time. At least that's what has been said up this way.
  11. Familiar with Carlisle as I think he was only at RBS for 1 year of JH. Who is Tirjan? Did he play for Welch at Macon?
  12. Merrol Hyde scored 100 pts on RBS last year, so the defense comment is a little over reactive. Did some research last night in terms of home school comment, and talking about weak schedule. 18-123 is RBS boys record vs tssaa schools over last 7 years! Mind blowing, being that JH boys were always competitive during that time. Also, Macon is 4-0 in last 4 games vs RBS with a 241-159 scoring differential. Welch does play tssaa schools as well. Ready for District action tonight should be some good boys games. GO BOBCATS!!
  13. I agree Mrsports, I attended the Pickett-RBS game and was blown away by the kids RBS had. So much dysfunction going on with that team by the looks of it. The same group was loaded in JH without the Marsh kid. Pickett did impress me, but RBS was a huge letdown. Coaching played a huge part in that victory, hats off to the Pickett coach. Clay is way ahead of anyone in that district though. I will have to see it to believe it with RBS. I know they were picked 2nd, but the standing on offense and shrewd behavior of everyone was hard not to notice. Also none of the kids they had in JH look to be developed. Welch has always developed kids at Macon, doesn't make sense for the big to go to that mess. Just my 2 cents! Looking forward to Friday, i will be at the Pickett Jackson game! Go Bobcats!
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