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  1. Our new “coaches” won’t be coaching the summer camp games. Will be relying on the middle school staff to run things. Disaster!
  2. What a cluster. Coach Winfree told the administration and the team before he season he was leaving. 7 months later the guy making the hire appointments himself.
  3. Sounds like Coach Holden is the hire. I don’t know a ton about him but I know he was our middle school girls assistant this year. I wonder how this will go over with players and parents? Happy to know a coach is in place.
  4. I’m not sure anyone knows. So many rumors going around it’s crazy.
  5. One of them could be who my source was referencing. We will know in a few days.
  6. I just heard we may have a coach in place. Anyone else heard this and know who it might be?
  7. Who do you see getting it? Who are even candidates? I think if it was someone internally they would have already hired them. If it’s not Coach Winfree it has to be someone from the outside. Who are potential coaches that would come here or have interest? Are they still interviewing candidates or are they done with that part of the process? Give us some hope. Please.
  8. Speaking of this. We are the only private school in the area that is hiring a coach based on teaching positions we can fill. What about hiring the best coach for our kids? That seems the most logical thing to do. If we are only hiring a coach based on if they can teach math or not. We will never be on the same level as the schools in our league.
  9. Camp being scheduled is good to know. Not sure why they would schedule it without the new coach being involved, but at least they thought enough of the team to do that. There is a reason those girls quit, they have repeatedly said they don’t want to play basketball anymore. We lost most of our talent with the senior class leaving. It is not going to be a good year regardless. I just wish the new coach would of had a chance to at least try to get in the building before summer. If they go internal maybe one of those coaches has been working to get them to play.
  10. I’m not going to blame anyone for the lack of hire to this point. I do know this though if we don’t have a coach by the summer it will set the program back even more. Can’t understand why this isn’t obvious and important. Our girls deserve to know who the coach is. The new coach is already going to be at a disadvantage not being able to recruit girls in the school for the summer roster. And it is looking more and more likely there won’t be a summer period. I’m assuming those who have posted on here are parents as well. Have any of you reached out to the school to see what is going on? My attempts have failed.
  11. This is going to end up being a depressing hire. It is all about a bandaid at this point. I don’t think we can even make a good hire now. So late in the process, no money, and no talent in the high school. No wonder no one wants the job. Hopefully by the time our best classes get to high school (if any of them are here by then) we will have the funds and also be ready as a school to lead a decent search.
  12. Who do you think on faculty will get it? Holden? Shepard? Who is making the decision on who to hire? Who is to blame for this? Very heart breaking for all who are associated!
  13. Last question and I am done on here. Will we have a coach before school let’s out for the summer? 
  14. Last question and I am done on here. Will we have a coach before school let’s out for the summer? 
  15. You seem to have an idea of what is going on. Did all coaches that were interviewed turn it down, or were they just not happy with the candidates. The people I have talked to said there were a couple good candidates who didn’t even get a call. I would hope that is not true!
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