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  1. Sandman63


    Knox Grace and Sevier county are open wonder why rusty left
  2. This is news, figure some of the Knoxville jobs but these should stay with who they have. Not jobs people drool over
  3. Sandman63


    Seems that many of the guys that were just barely hanging on are gonna catch a break because of covid. I think that will buy some guys some time...another year at best
  4. Sandman63


    Well looks like Tyner is now open with Turner really retiring this time
  5. Hey the mustangs are a good team, play in a weak region, but dont discount what they have done. What a great coaching staff and an old group. Hope the mustangs do well, but in saying that Powell is a real deal football team, that region is tough and would not shock me to see them sweep.
  6. THe Govs played a not so great LC team who was missing 17 players due to contact tracing. THe LC team played a 3rd string QB and could not do anything offensively. I think the LC team at full strength makes that game more interesting. Honestly, if they have anything offensively and in the kicking game , they outshine the GOVS. FOr a young team that missed 2 OL, 3 WR, 2 RB and both QBs....its gonna be tough. Best of luck to both teams next year.
  7. He does a good job with what he has... they play in such a tough region, but one thing is that their non region games need to change
  8. Sandman63


    So...who is gone at the end of the season? What jobs are gonna open up? Covid has changed all of this!!!
  9. I know that Tracey Malone has applied and interviewed for the Cleveland OC position possibly creating an opening at knox west.
  10. Slow year so far this year in the coaching changes huh?
  11. Anything else out there in the grapevine yet?
  12. Station camp, red boiling springs, and Siegel....
  13. So, with the year pretty much over, regular season that is. What jobs are gonna be on the open market next year?
  14. Offense better show up for one of the teams....was kinda missing last week, and the defense as well for that matter. The bears have a shot to win 5-7 games. If central drops this one, they may be 1 fer again
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