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  1. East did what they wanted too to Clarksville Academy. Springfield looked dominant against Heritage. East has athletes little bit everywhere. Been around East and Springfield for a long time East looks more organized and coached better than they ever have been
  2. I don’t think anyone’s prediction for this region is wrong. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see Westmoreland or East at the top at the end of the year. But until someone proves me wrong TC and Watertown will always have my prediction 1 and 2. Maybe it will be different this year. Everything I read East and Westmoreland has the most coming back. So who knows
  3. It will be Watertown to win the region. Westmoreland, TC, East. I think you can flip a coin to finish out the next 3
  4. I watched East Couple weeks ago against sycamore! Holy cow I though with the Groves kid gone they would fall off a bit. I’m not so sure now. First 3 plays went the distance. I’m excited to watch them and Springfield all fall
  5. CCLHL08

    class a

    Are you shocked it’s Memphis
  6. CCLHL08

    class a

    I heard from someone on the fence the next 4-8 years is loaded with kids coming up through the pipeline with baseball!! Not sure about the other sports.
  7. CCLHL08

    class a

    I agree with most of what your saying but the attitudes! I came over to watch today form across town. There Roster is very young! It’s a maturity thing for sure. Pitching was bad hitting not to par . Walked 10, 4 errors. Lookout Valley did what they we’re supposed to do take advantage of terrible play. They won’t make it far in the state tournament
  8. So I guess ole miss made a mistake? Guess an SEC school sees something different!
  9. Mental illness is a real thing. Hope you can get some help! People like you can ruin something like Coach T. Good luck to you.
  10. There’s a point to when you just drop this whole conversation!! I hate it for TC kids and program. Coach T just needs to take this thread out. There’s no room for it. Good luck to Smith County and Trousdale in the fall.
  11. And it begins. You just throwing numbers out their. Or just being fair?
  12. Just heard Chase Brooks took the Job at East. Met with the team today. Thoughts on this guy?
  13. Your right I meant two total techs in the game by bad!
  14. Still hearing Brooks is the guy and another out town person.
  15. I never once said ER lost the game because of the officials. If you read my message from above . I said they took them out of the game. I’m not even a ER fan. I also said Clay county should go far. My point was Ref were terrible
  16. Lol there could have been a 1000 of those either way. Just weird one ref calls all 5 fouls on one player.
  17. Not saying ER would have won but the refs had ER off there game worse I seen in a long time
  18. You can’t play your game when your scared to play defense.
  19. Worse officiating game I’ve ever seen. I’m not a fan of either just a good game up the road I went to. Credit to clay county great team they should go far. But man that one ref called all 5 fouls on the Groves kid. A tech twice. He was pretty pathetic and needs to get hang the whistle up. Old man was terrible
  20. What’s the point of that. They could go deep into March?
  21. Anything New to my neighbors in East? Curious if a decision has been made yet?
  22. Do you think their songs, announcers made a difference in the win?
  23. Should just schedule some local teams, White House, Portland, East Robertson, Westmoreland, Greenbrier etc. Smaller Schools.
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