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  1. Much better game this time around for my Trojans. The boys fought hard until the end. We were playing on the house's money at the end for sure. The DHS coaching staff did good not allowing a complete collapse after the first game in Covington. Definitely was looking like it was becoming " it is what it is" type scenario with everyone looking to next year. Reminder-we lost one all-state defensive end and three all region players before the season started. No excuses, but it didn't put us in the greatest of situations. Team got refocused and played as well as possible closing out the last 6 games. Congratulations to Coach Kirby and the team for a winning the region and ultimately the West Tennessee quarterfinal. I am glad East Nasty comes to West Tennessee this year, so Covington doesn't have to play in that sand trap of a field. Go Chargers! Give'em heck next week.
  2. Region 7 3A is weak. It has been a blessing to Dyersburg to get out of region 7 4a and away from Haywood. Not sure the 2021Dyersburg Region Champ team would have gone undefeated last year if we still played up. Always said I wished the 2018 Dyersburg team could have played Covington. That would have been interesting. This weak region has allowed Dyersburg to develop the youth and also get injured players rested/ready. Not the same team going to Covington Friday night. And I will take our coaches over Covington's all day long. What has happened in Covington since Wheeler left?? Go Trojans!!
  3. At least it seems the spread has gone from 30-35 points to 2 and it sounds like you better win this year!! we shall see. Go Trojans!!
  4. Let’s play the game somewhere warmer if it’s going to be that bad.
  5. Wow with those stats, DBurg probably should just call in the loss, but we are going to make the 45 minute drive down south just for shits and giggles.
  6. It will be a much better game this time around. Trojans are peaking at the right time. Looking forward to the rematch for sure. Go Trojans!!
  7. Dyersburg 58 - Raleigh Egypt 12. Go Trojans!
  8. Dyersburg wins a close one. Team has gotten better learning to finish games. Millington was a good test for the young team. Bye week allows us to get healthier. Poised for a good run thru the playoffs. Hopefully we can give Covington a better second game.
  9. If Trojan coaching staff rolls into C-Town with the same game plan and effort they tried with PBody, this game will not even be close. Bring Crestview Middle to play the second half.
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