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  1. Clinton would sure like him to leave. He has wore out his welcome for sure. The locals have grown tired of his BS. He talks a big game...recruits some big players...can't win. The local mob will run him out very soon.
  2. Don’t know names but a Grace assistant, a Karns coordinator and a long time Fulton assistant applied too. Just talked about this today actually.
  3. Maybe they should. Maybe Coach Keith can get a few of them to move into his basement with the others and still only win 2 games a season.
  4. Marlon Walls, I forget the 2nd one and the Head Coach at Clinton Keith. Also someone told me a long time assistant from Fulton applied. Apparently he’s been there for over twenty years and didn’t get a sniff the past two coaching changes? I don’t know.
  5. So from what I know a couple former Vols applied. The Clinton coach applied. There is a few out of state applicants and some local assistants.
  6. From my understanding they have began contacting all potential candidates.
  7. I just spoke to someone who if good friends with him and he said he isn't leaving his job he has currently. It'd be a huge paycut.
  8. Talking with a buddy last night who had a lot to do with the last Greenback hire and he was telling me he knows one of the “applicants” and said he hopes he gets it. Problem is that applicant told him he’s 100% sure he won’t even be considered even though he has one heck of a coaching resume and knows the AD personally. I’m not saying I think he should or shouldn’t be considered because I don’t know him tbh, but it does raise a question about the hiring process for athletics in this area. The Good ole boy system is heavily in place for one. We saw it up here in Greenback! And 2, I’ve noticed schools hiring a “name” not an actually proven Coach. Maybe that’s just me I don’t know. But I remember going to AE when I was in school and it was a rowdy fun football atmosphere! They used to do that chant and hit their pads when they came out! Just menacing!
  9. Who are some real names people know have applied?
  10. Who are some surprises? But who are the WHOES!?
  11. Who are some surprises? But who are the WHOES!?
  12. I don’t think it’s a laughable job at all! I think it’s a potential state champion in waiting actually! Maybe I worded that the wrong way that’s on me.
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