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  1. I respect your posts and also know you were short handed for that game. Still though…No excuses, next man up. That’s what we done Friday in the second half and still won the game. I think MTCS was also out coached in that game as well. Just my opinion not that it matters lol
  2. Heathy SP is 3-4 tds better. Either way you spin it SP gets gold Mckenzie gets Silver and you win hater of the year with Stone Colds two golden balls on your forehead. GOMD.
  3. You are correct. It will take a special group of young guys. Luckily we have that. Do we win it? Not sure if you ask me right now, but I think we make it to chatt.
  4. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with SP by playoff time next season. Lot of growing up to do but the horses are there.
  5. Those clowns are your daddy just like Stone Cold boy.
  6. You’ll polish his gold balls because STONE COLD said so boy.
  7. McKenzie Vs SP for rematch. Don’t forget about OS. OS is youthful. Gordy is also always a contender in East as well. Don’t know a lot about what west teams have returning.
  8. Seven gold balls. Stone Cold has two. Maybe you can polish them for him.
  9. If they ain’t hating you ain’t doing it right. Seven gold balls. Take that and shove it. Stone Cold has 2 gold balls maybe he will let you hold them in your hands.
  10. @GeneralForrest When did you become a Moore county fan? Moore county lost and went home. Period. Doesn’t matter what YOUR OPINION is concerning SP, MC, or Mck because at the end of the day Mckenzie beat Moore, SP beat Mckenzie. Pirates throw a parade, hoist the gold ball, shoot fireworks, and enjoy a championship while you sit at home wondering if you’ll spend next season crying over who your next coach will be. Put the drink down. Go to bed.
  11. I was busy polishing my State Championship ring to wear to the game Friday. As annoying and redundant as you are I’d say you don’t even have a wedding ring there patna.
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