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  1. Best of luck to Lexington! The Tigers certainly deserved a State Run!
  2. JOE23

    A/AA 2016

    I find that hard to believe....
  3. JOE23

    A/AA 2016

    JCS 2 D-burg 1 not happy with the calls.....regardless...it should be Madison going to State. VERY FROWNY FACE
  4. And..hopefully, the JCS coach will have his players not use up all the very LIMITED parking there is at that school. The trek down to their new field is a hike and the parking there is just pitiful. Hopefully they will be good hosts and allow for elderly and handicapped fans. This was not the case at their last tournament....
  5. ​IDK...we are going to have to really get it together...the way we played last night...I just don't know...we just looked wore out and beat up and JCS also has a strong keeper and a very good coach AND they are on a roll. sorry you can't make the game that is a bummer...
  6. Lexington has a very strong and FAST offense and their Keeper is first class. You are right... we had our chances and the center ref gave us every single, slightest foul. I hope Lexington beats Sheffield cause the Tigers deserve a run to State. And I am glad we get another chance at JCS! I just wish we could play JCS at D-burg!!!! Our stadium and field is one of our assets and can be very intimidating. oh well....the team who wants it the most will win. And yes, you are right about the pk....that particular player is known in the travel team world as a first class diver (which you love if he is on YOUR team). Maybe the refs will be more discerning in an important game instead of an unimportant weekend tournie....we will see.
  7. JOE23

    A/AA 2016

    Lexington v Dyersburg 4-1 JCS v Sheffield 2-0 Dyersburg will play at JCS on Sat. in Sectionals at 1:00 Sheffield will play Lexington on Sat.? in Sectionals Time and place TBA
  8. OKAY..the way I understand it is that we will play at LEXINGTON'S PARK AT 6:00....THURSDAY.....TOMORROW. if this is wrong I will correct as soon as I can....
  9. yeah....waiting to hear for sure here also! I will post as soon as I know.
  10. JOE23

    A/AA 2016

    Dyersburg 4 Chester Co. 2. 4-0 at half. Chester Co. came back hard in the 2nd half and had some of us very worried. Some great players with a lot of heart.
  11. Region 7 A/AA Semifinals Dyersburg V. Chester County 7:00 at Dyersburg High School Jackson Sun reported wrongly that the match will begin at 6
  12. JOE23

    A/AA 2016

    G: I sent you a PM with the info
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