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  1. Big Congrats to Science Hill... You guys worked hard, and really looked like you wanted it. I am happy for you guys... Enjoy it...
  2. The gray's house, not the school... I can't believe that Oak Ridge is deep enough to beat Bearden even without Rahnema. Did Koehler beat Maltsberger?
  3. When is this match going to happen?? Have both teams won their regions yet?
  4. Hah, well there goes that one... Good call Hooligan.
  5. I always set my alarm early, so I can get up and be the first person to respond to whatever happened that night.
  6. So your name is webb4 because you play the four spot for webb... I probly wouldn't pick myself to lose either, but sorry Reid, Tanz is better than you.
  7. I think that Webb will be lucky if they win a match.
  8. Any ideas on who will be coming out of the west in AAA?
  9. You haven't seen alot of tennis if you think Parks is unbelievable... I'll give you Bo, but saying that Parks is "unbelievable" is a joke.
  10. Congrats on your 2000th post bra.
  11. I'm gonna laugh when Tennessee High beats DB after all the talking Ice10 has been doing.
  12. SHHS atleast 6-3 over DB... Ice10... who usually wins between Andy and Miles?
  13. Who do you see coming out of that big Webb vs. Baylor match?
  14. I think you can safely cross parks off that list.
  15. Hmmm... Yeah, what does that feel like?
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