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  1. Vecc24

    Top Quarterback's in Middle and West TN

    Is it true that Cordell from Indy didn't show up to the game last week because he got arrested???
  2. Vecc24

    NFL players you saw play in High School

    Eric Davis- Ezell Harding
  3. Vecc24

    2006 independence team where do they stand

    this being one of my last post i will stick up for my old coach. no one can say he didn't run the ball. Because my senior season, he gave me the chance by calling the plays to put the ball in my hands, that i had the chance to run for more than 1,000 yards. He might have left ezell on a somewhat bad note, but not because of him, but because of ezell. He not only cared about me, but everyone on the team...skinnycat, since we know who each other are, you can't say seriously that coach smith had any idea the potential you had when you were a sophomore, then you were a pushover...now is a different story i agree. Coach smith will keep doing what he is doing, and it will get him and independence places, i think...wait, i know!! Coach Smith and Independence...take it to em and let them have it. Don't be liked...be respected!!!
  4. Vecc24


    dylan, glad to know my secret is out. of course i still keep up with you guys...i hope ya'll are doing your best in ole LA. ANd yes to imsaint79, i was on that team. i have to say to anyone on here, that many of the things i say are to get you people going. its fun to get you guys(especially those still in high school) going. Dylan, i hope your arm is better now and hope ezell does great next year...if you guys ever need a real running backs coach, give me a shout.
  5. Vecc24


    first on topic...i stretched the whole lbs for a soph. benching and squating...i did those weights between soph and junior year and i was running back, my quarterback also did the same, and we had a few other runningbacks that the same the year before. I did go to ezell, and we were a force to reckon with for a time. also i agree what you put up is not what makes a good football player, but those things do help and do make an extreme difference. another topic...jp went to mtsu to play football, then decided to not continue playing and begain to coach. he coached the quarterbacks then i think helped call plays for the defense. I am not sure if he is still a coach(student coach) since mtsu got a new coaching staff. Last topic...what is Gambill's first name again??? and has he had a arm injury in the past?
  6. I was just wondering if Eric Davis that played at Vandy after Ezell is in the pros now or not? I heard that he had signed with the patriots...but i am not sure...anyone?
  7. Vecc24

    Boomer at DCA

    he really helped belmont out in this game...not. No offense to the herdon family, he just can't compete with the top d-1. doesn't mean he wasn't good. at least not as good as julian t, or collins a.
  8. Vecc24

    Life after sports...

    For this thread i have to be specific...life after sports? After the season...time to get ready for the next. After high school...you either keep playing or wish you were still playing, you will always want to be playing...you might get burnt out, but trust me...the fire will be relit at some point. After you stop playing organized sports...you play sundays at your local park. After the park...you play with your son or daughter in your backyard. After the backyard...you watch your kids go though the same stages. and after that you just sit back and remember the good ole' days! to some people, sports is life to others, competing is life to me, life is life....i just fill it with the competition of sports!!
  9. Vecc24

    Ezell vs. Goodpasture

    first thing...its Gettis, not Gattis. Second, it is close to a rivalry because even though they might have only played during the season the past 3 years, they have played in spring games and scrimmages in many years before that. Now spring games and scrimmages don't make rivalries, but they can start and fule the fire for a future one. Also they used to be pretty competative in the other sports they played, except baseball. I could be wrong, but i think Goodpasture is or used to be a church of christ school...someone help me on that...if they are than that is just another reason to consider them old rivals, partial rivals, present rivals, or future rivals...because they would be the two church of christ schools in middle tennessee(meaning many of the kids know each other pretty well.) i am not saying they are, not saying they are...just saying they could be considered.
  10. Vecc24


    just to let you guys know...300+ for bench, and 415+ for squat is not much for a lineman. You guys need to step it up. I know of qb's, rb's, and wr's, benching more and squating more than that when they were only sophomores. not bashing on any certain person, just saying you need to step it up and work harder...because you always can work harder.
  11. Vecc24


    J. Scott Smith??? who are you talking about? To any Ezell players that get on here...don't post...its pointless, and never adds up to anything. To GP, the only thing good that has come out of there in football is Turner...so also don't post, because you will end up losing in 2A.
  12. Vecc24

    [email protected]

    All I can say is that Carl Gettis, a junior, is way better than MP's 3 running backs; who cannot be 3 of the best 5 in the state. Watch out for #22 if he stays healthy. Ezell, one game doesn't mean a thing. . .15 do, so keep your heads and stay focused, show the passion you have for the game in every play and in every practice.