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  1. Agreed 100%. The sum definitely doesn't equal the parts. I know what I believe is the problem but I'll refrain so as not to rile up any of the SC band parents that are lurking. Gonna be some really lean years coming up I'm afraid as this staff is going to have a lot less talent to work with then they've had the previous couple of seasons.
  2. You definitly had your chances against the Ads for sure. In fact, it looked like you were going to blow them out the first quarter. Got to give Farragut credit for gutting out the win. We are young in the O line and Deuce has been under constant pressure against the better defenses we've played. From what I saw OR should be the best defensive line we've seen so far. As far as our defense, DB ran the QB option read from the 2nd quarter on against us and we couldn't stop it. That puts a lot of pressure on our offense to keep up and play flawlessly. OR has more weapons then DB and our best lineman is out so I don't see how we're going to get enough stops to win. Hope I'm wrong but that's the way I see it playing out. The better defense always wins these type of games and that aint SC despite what band parents like "Govbears89" say
  3. Obviously have seen SC several times and also the OR/Farragut game. Wildcats have superior line play on both sides of the ball and the better defense. SC will be able to pass some but just like DB the defense will struggle to get stops which puts too much pressure on our offense. OR by two TD's
  4. First things first. Congrats to SD. They were the hungrier, better prepared team and they deserved the victory. Rollins is a warrior. Good luck in the playoffs. Now on to SC. Not sure why everyone is so surprised by their performance last night. That's the exact same way they've played all year. The Bears have got some dark days coming with this coaching staff. If this is the best they can do with a division 1 QB and an experienced senior laden team how bad is it going to get when they're all gone.
  5. Passing or lack there of decides this game. Just don't think SD will be able to slow our passing attack down enough to beat us. No one else not named Maryville has been able to this year (though we've shot ourselves in the foot plenty with dumb mistakes and penalties). Plus I don't believe they will be able to pass enough themselves to take advantage of our poor secondary. Doesn't help neither that Jocquez Bruce is not 100%. Noticeable limp last week against East.
  6. Have we ever had a stretch run like this of such terrible games? Outside of a couple of teams the IMAC absolutely blows (again). Thanks T$$AA for having the schools and fans best interest in mind with this mess. Next years realignment can't get here soon enough.
  7. If we were playing competent teams I would agree with you. However we are not. Outside of SD the rest are just plain bad and should pose no real threat. If we lose to any of them then the Lingenfelter/co-rookie coordinators experiment can officially be deemed a failure.
  8. Guess I gave our offense too much credit
  9. Does anyone know when the gates open? By the way I agree with Barney. The Maryville QB being out is much to do about nothing. Rebs continue to roll right along 38 - 7.
  10. This will not be a shootout. At least not on SC's part. Maryville never has had any trouble with our style of offense in the past and their defense this year is just as good (especially their front 7) if not better then previously.
  11. No.....just a case of Maryville fatigue. Heck, even Govbears91.........oops........I mean gobears89 has had the wool beaten out of him after the last few whippings.
  12. The Bears are about to pay for the sins of the HVA game.
  13. Anyone know the status of Seth Arwood? Notice he didn't play in the second half against DB but don't remember seeing him get injured.
  14. Congrats to DB............once again. They played better and were better coached. In the grand scheme of things all this loss did was really just shorten our post season by a game. Maryville will just get to beat the stuffing out of us a round earlier is all.
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