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  1. Smoky Bears have a shot at another State run. Would not surprise me if they run the region table undefeated. I expect region 1 will be weak and other than maybe SD and Central the Bears will have the best player on the field in region 2 games, so the path of least resistance still at this point is in east tn 5A. Region 3&4 have better talent but they will have to beat up each other so who knows come playoff time. My guess is healthiest team wins late season games and if super soph is healthy along w some other key kids the Smoky Bears will be as good as anybody. GoBears!!
  2. Good luck this week bobcat that D is stout.
  3. Smoky Bears getting home field should mean something & I think that will be the diff. OR did not just mop the floor with the Bears this year so anything could happen for the 1&2 semi rep vs the heavily favored 3&4 rep.I can tell yall this the Bears players believe they are going back to state. I bet many of the Central players feel the same way. This is in fact a match up of last 2 5A runner ups. This Bears team has serious talent at QB and several solid wr. If they are hot in the air they will be hard to beat. Should be a fun game on Friday! GoBears!
  4. Bears win! Region 1&2 are all the proof anyone needs to declare too many divisions in TN football. Whoever gets to the semis will prob get thumped but the Bears have home field throughout now and it will be tough to beat them at home. The Bears will be in semis the next several years this team is young & talented plus these 2 regions are bad. The coaching at SC is def not what it once was 1 example would be stud freshman qb playing defense with a 3 td lead late in the 4th. Very little thought in that decision because with out him at QB they have no chance of advancing. GB
  5. I think the Bears will surprise some people. As for Mo East im sayin Bears by 21. GoBears!!
  6. He was likely born at the Prince 1999 nye party. Purple rainmaker has a nice sound as suggested by 1 of these stray cat fans.
  7. Here kitty kitty....... Gaddis can't Advance deep w T he ain't going to beat Bears w Cam at the helm. Big EDs with all the meats tonight fellers and it ain't Bear season. dabears via valasquez 52 yarder walk off style GoBears!!
  8. Hate to hear that. Hope he gets back on track. That kid can go.
  9. Not sure pressure on the QB is a good plan. He is a very capable runner possibly one of the best on the field. He is playing both ways for now but I bet the offensive coaches will pull the franchise card soon and make him play only QB. Huge mistake with Luke Manning a few years ago as he was stud safety, its hard to blam them when QB means so much to the scoring aspect of things but when deep in the playoffs I would play guys like this kid on everything. I may be old school but I say play the best 11 on both sides. NCAA football is imo the 1st venue suitable for 1 way players. OR will have more athletes but this young bear is gaining swagger as the weeks roll by, big test friday night for sure. I dont think bears will be much of a threat for the w. But like I said before if they are hot throwing and catching then yes "air bears" may hang around for a while. Can the bears contain graham? Thats also an obvious key. GB
  10. Im breaking out a fresh can of purple ink for this game. The young QB is years ahead of his time. I think the State runner up hangover has ended a year early and a new leader has clearly emerged. It amazing what 1 kid can do and when it's at the QB position it's even more impactful and let's face it the Bears want to throw the rock. Now that they have a football guy back at QB the sky is the limit. While I'm not ready to put this Bears squad where the 2013-2015 teams were but by next season they will be a tough out. OR may have their hands full if Bears come out hot in passing game. I have been a harsh critic of the Coaching staff but it appears they have pulled they heads out of their backside at least most of them. D coordinator has them playing hard and w the new found talent at QB the offensive play caller may find his groove again. The schedule is weak as water this year but all they can do is play the teams in front of them and after OR they should be favored till 2nd or 3rd rd. GoBears!!
  11. After watching SD I see they have lots of talent but struggled at the QB position. Big play capability makes them dangerous for Bears but I think this game is clearly one that can be won. I have the Bears as a slight underdog due to the most taleted guys being on the other side, But will not be shocked if they find a way to get a big region win. This could work out to be for the region Championship as the season unfolds. Huge game for Bears at home. GoBears!
  12. The turnovers and KO return were backbreakers. Obviously the depth played a roll upfront but w that said not impressed w the tribe. Young Bears could only lose another game or 2. Playoffs should be within reach which is a step back in right direction. Young QB is a stud. Bears O has potential to light it up if they can throw and catch (more like the bears everybody expect to see) & Bears run game is the awful like normal. A few less mistakes and a couple catches made and DB was in serious trouble by a very young 5a team. GoBears!!
  13. Mixx105.5 streams all games online Scroll to bottom and click listen live.
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