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  1. If he wants to stay as the Head Coach, I believe the job is his. I don't think the administration is actively looking for any one else.
  2. I believe the new Lakeway Academy may be placed in the East as well? I guess that all almost all games on your schedule will the be region games.
  3. From the TSSAA minutes: 14. Approved the proposed District Alignment for DII Class A Middle Region & Proposed Region Alignment for DII Class A Football. It will be effective for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. Does anyone have any insight on the way the regions might be aligned?
  4. Fan413

    GCA vs TKA

    The kids at TKA play hard and will continue to play hard for a coach that shows he cares for them and has their back. That is the biggest difference between this years coach and playing for Coach Lowe the last few years. Players knew what they had with Coach Lowe. Coaches don't walk out on the players during practice and expect them to respect you. Greer did just that. TKA numbers are down, both on the FB field and the school. Matt Mercer and the administration will work hard for the kids to provide them with the opportunity to compete and do it the right way.
  5. #7 from TKA has had a great year. However, no where near 3000yds. He was right at 1000 yds rushing when he got hurt. He is special returning the ball as well. He will be back by the playoffs. There are a lot of great backs in Div II this year
  6. Yes, the $5 parking fee was a surprise. Never been charged to park at a high school football game.
  7. Webb will have no problem with Silverdale. They run wing T but no where near as well as Webb. There will be running clock to start the second half in my opinion.
  8. I agree with the statement about the DCA QB. In my opinion, he was the biggest difference in the TKA game. He made some great plays with his arm, but he also made some runs to keep drives alive. The RB ran the ball very well also. As far as running teams giving DCA problems, TKA losing their RB 3 weeks ago has made a huge difference in their 2 losses. Ask MJCA how well he ran the ball against them? He was the difference in that game. 30 carries for 300 plus yards.
  9. TKA had probably their worst offensive production all year. Had 3 critical turnovers. Defensively, played ok. DCA QB made some great plays. Solid HS QB. DCA scored 2 tds and 3 FG from 40+ yds. Give DCA credit for coming to play.
  10. I agree about moral victories. Those still count as a loss. Line and LB have played well all year. Lusby is a football player! He deserves a chance to play somewhere at the next level next year. FC probably still wins the game, but it really made TKA more one dimensional without TB Wyllins on the field. He has had a great season up to his injury against Grace. He's a special runner and a difference maker. He should be back by the playoffs. TKA getting to play at home against DCA really helps. Looking forward to a fun night Friday in Seymour.
  11. Much closer game than I think some in mid state thought it would be. Very close til the 4th. FC had to fight for this this one. Both teams played hard. Good contest. Best to both teams as the regular season finishes up.
  12. What Thanksgiving or Christmas tournaments are there in the Knoxville or surrounding counties for middle school boys?
  13. Great atmosphere at GB Friday night. Good game to watch. GB has a good football team. Glad the game was closer than some on this board thought it would be. Good luck to the Cherokees the rest of the way. Proud of the Lions for their effort. Small in numbers but big in heart.
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