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  1. Just announced Graham Clark (coach of the year). You are the Moron. Keep up the good work Coach Clark
  2. It's always the coaching with you. Maybe the Big E can donate some money to the university of Kingsport and hire Nick Saban for football, and Coach K for basketball.
  3. I think Graham Clark and staff should win coaches of the year!
  4. Let me guess? Fire GC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy this didn't take long.
  5. Come on over to JC, and look at our GOLD BALLS IN THE TROPHY CASE. I will get a bulldozer to make the door bigger so you can get your head through it. How about the great coaching job you did at Volunteer, (the year with Roy Richmond, Morelock and that group) probably had more talent than the Hill that year. Went to the Regional and pulled out the ole North Carolina 4 corner and lost to the #8 seed. I never hear anything about the Volunteer years.
  6. Still tooting your horn. Do you still wear that t-shirt with all you accomplishments on it?
  7. The coaching, the refs. At db is there any time in history that the other team has been better than your team
  8. Might as well. For some reason DB fans are a little quiet this year.
  9. If they only beat DB by 4. THEY ARE NOT A TOP 5 6A TEAM.
  10. Why is all DB fans want to talk about last year?
  11. You need to move out of Riverview, that crack has fried your brain.
  12. And you bunch of clowns wonder why people get on here and bash db!!! It's jerks like you that they do! Is this the same Clark that the city was ready to ride out on a rail last year (and the same one that they will this year). What kind of message would he be sending, trying to get a #1 ranking. This is 2012 and they don't give state championships based on rankings. And you said you played at db, I doubt if you ever seen the field unless if was a game like db played friday night. Either db was down 50 or up 50 in the game was the only time. Just another internet cowboy with a keyboard.
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