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  1. I heard Sullivan turned it down. He is on top of the world right now with getting a runner up finish without 2 really good players both who i think are returning maybe? He will stay at Catholic
  2. I will expect Buckner from Bearden to take the job. He has done a great job at Bearden but just hasnt got past farragut when needed. So why not go to the best team in AAA the past 4 years?
  3. Alan Walden from Red Bank went 43rd round to ATl
  4. Triston Archer from Sullivan East went to Oakland in the 38th Round
  5. JD Wallace from Halls. Headed to Memphis. Has a cannon and very good defensively. Bat has good power connects very well
  6. Who are some high school players that could get drafted? Through 23 rounds 4 high school players from Tn have been drafted. Thompson and Faulkner from Germantown, Praso(?) from Houston, and Jordan Cooper from Shelbyville Central. Any more?
  7. Central had one bad inning. 2 errors in a row and a past ball and another error. It was a good game. Gresham threw very well for Halls and Greene didnt have his best but Deal came in a shut halls out but it was too late. They games today got cancelled. Powell took the number one seed and will host Bearden and Halls will travel to Farragut
  8. As of right now the games are still on. Clinton and Halls play at 5 and the winner plays Central at 7:30 Kevin Greene for Central could throw. He threw Monday but i do not know officially if he will pitch.
  9. Robinson went 6 and Deal 1 for Central and Owenby 7 for Powell
  10. Got all 3 in yesterday. Not sure about the Halls win over Oak Ridge but Powell beat Central 6-3 in the winners bracket final and Clinton beat Kanrs 9-2. If we can get it in Halls and Clinton play at 2:30 and Central plays the winner
  11. There have been quite a few blowouts and a couple close games. The 6 teams left are Central, Powell, Halls, Karns, Oak Ridge and Clinton. Central and Powell play for a chance to go to the championship game
  12. Halls plays today at 12 at oak ridge. Helton Ridley doesnt have a tarp but the city maintains that field very well
  13. Rain seems to switch the schedule up a bit but 2 teams got games in. Central beat harden valley 14 0 Robinson pitched for central don't know the pitcher for hv. Buckner came in for central in the 4th to finish the game. Powell beat west 3 2 in a close game. I think Byrd pitched for Powell and cantrell for west.
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