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  1. bigredmachine


    This is so amusing. 8yr old travel ball.
  2. bigredmachine

    10 AAA tournament

    So the 10AAA tournament has # 4 vs. # 6 / #1 and #3 vs. # 5 / #2. Bizarre. Anyone else do this? Pretty sure the rest of the world does it as 3-6/2 and 4-5/1
  3. bigredmachine

    Champions 2019

    Class A East Robertson is really good. AAA Clarksville and Rossview can definitely be there late post season.
  4. bigredmachine

    2019 District 9-AA

    White House lost a ton, but they usually have plenty more back. Springfield lost perhaps the district's best player due to the Administration, but return several other key players. Beech will still be good. WHH so-so. GB and Portland pulling up the rear again probably but will compete.
  5. bigredmachine

    teams that could surprise everybody this year

    Well Springfield sure shocked the AAA world yesterday.
  6. bigredmachine

    9 year old looking for a team

    "Travel Ball" for a 9 year old is so amusing. Play Little League, or Dixie, etc.
  7. bigredmachine

    District to State is an eternity

    Why not just take the Region Champions and skip the Sectionals. I mean the Region runner up gets another game? Dumb! KY does it right. Region Champs go to state.
  8. bigredmachine

    Rules Question

    Player makes a FT. Hits the backboard on the second attempt --SO it is still a dead ball. CAN the other team when inbounding the ball run the baseline?
  9. bigredmachine

    Scrimage Needed for March 21, 22, or 23

    Correct me if I am wrong but I thought scrimmages are done after March 11- when the first official games start.
  10. bigredmachine

    District to State is an eternity

    Yeah I get it. But, The NCAA takes 3 weeks. or 4 if you include conference tournaments.
  11. bigredmachine

    District to State is an eternity

    How about for starts, only District Tourney Winner and Runner-up move on to Region. Why put in 3rd and 4th? Too many. Baseball, Softball, and Soccer does it that way. I guess more money for T$$AA.
  12. bigredmachine

    District to State is an eternity

    It takes 5 Weeks to crown a State champion (6 weeks for Boys). This is nuts. Condense it. It takes longer for districts than the SEC takes for its conference tournament. Baseball and Softball, maybe track, can suffer from not having players on these teams. Gotta be a better way.?
  13. bigredmachine

    Springfield vs. Kenwood controversy

    Did anyone see the end of this game? Springfield shooter gets fouled a FOOT behind the 3pt. line and is awarded only 2 shots as time expired. He makes 1/2 to tie and goes into OT. The video showed he was clearly behind the line. The official that called the foul was approached by another official and they changed the call to two shots. Sad.
  14. bigredmachine

    A8 Refs are getting worse every game

    Just saw a highlight of a kid from Culleoka dunking. He didn't get up really high and slammed it two-handed. He swunk forward then back and Mr. Bigshot ref acted like the kid played tarzan and gave him a Tech. If he lets go then he hits hard on the floor. This ref was clueless but he wanted to show everyone in the stands who he was I guess. Clarksville NW Girls vs. Springfield Girls: A Springfield player steals the ball and is going for the tying layup with about 6 seconds and gets caught from behind and gets slammed into the wall and goes down with no call. The ref obviously didn't want to hang around for OT. Ridiculous.
  15. bigredmachine

    District Bracket Formats

    Exactly. I don't know what our District is thinking. But 7 of the schools come from one county and they control everything according to their convenience. The other two schools in the district are 45 minutes away.