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  1. State Championships aren't combined so why rank them together? Yeah lots of good teams in A, but they don't play AAA so once again why rank them together?
  2. 92? I figure if 18 girls played total for both teams then they all fouled out. That sounds ridiculous. I am seeing no fouls called. Girls games especially. I'd rather fouls be called that should be called. Especially early in the game then it should clean it up the rest of the way.
  3. Nah Commish its time to go. See you at the basketball games. Try to pick me out. If you do, come say hello.
  4. I guess cause I’m not a WHHS person. What do you not understand?
  5. Yeah that was good. Not from WH though. Try again.
  6. make it personal all you want. I’ve said nothing negative to any person. Just hope STP loses that’s all. Not sure why you’re saying “you guys” ?
  7. Y’all gonna be at the basketball games Monday night? I guess if you’re true “Jacket” fans you will be. See you there.
  8. Springfield restaurant scene is awful. Depot maybe but it’s overpriced and the wait is stupid. Torino’s gets their good from the food plant down the street. I could care less if WH is playing or not. Funny how y’all get so worked up.
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I would never want to be anything remotely close to those people.
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