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  1. Beech/Hendersonville and I think Beech/Henry County is a good one.
  2. abo14

    Eye Black

    I find it maddening when the powers that be find it necessary, in any sport, to regulate things that have zero impact on player's safety or the outcomes of game. Officials have enough trouble calling the games why add unnecessary responsibilities?
  3. Who is the early favorite in the newly formed district? I know both Beech and Hendersonville have to replace their leading scorers but do return the bulk of the girls that played. Gallatin only returns a couple of girls that saw significant minutes. I have no idea who is returning for the WIlson County schools.
  4. I keep hearing people say (insert team name) had a bad game against GH. When youre saying this over and over maybe GH is playing a part in those teams having a bad game.
  5. Cookville did hand Blackman one of its two loses this year, so they are capable.
  6. abo14


    Yep, Green Hill was the better team last night. The Cavs looked really good against a solid Gallatin team.
  7. Looks like all the higher seeds prevailed. Gallatin and Cookville Green Hill and Beech
  8. abo14


    Woulndt suprise me to see them win Friday, but I dont think they beat Cookville.
  9. abo14


    Ya, I believe both of the 2 vs 3 games could be interesting.
  10. Ill give Beech the edge due to the home court even though it didnt matter the first time.
  11. abo14


    Will anyone in this district win their first region game besides Cookville?
  12. Beech vs WIlson Central Gallatin vs Lebanon Hendersonville vs Green Hill Station Camp vs Cookville How many of these games can district 10 win? I say 3.
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