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  1. Scheduled released. Looks like they were able to find enough opponents for a full schedule. 8/19 vs Jackson Central Merry 8/25 @ Portland High 9/2 vs Wayne Hills High (NJ) 9/9 @ Nolensville High 9/16 vs Chattanooga Prep 9/23 vs Goodpasture 10/7 vs Crittenden County (Ky) 10/14 @ Zion Christian Academy 10/21 @ Oakland 10/28 @ Chattanooga Central
  2. Looks like Rossview is now on the list.
  3. Bearden very well may win this tournament, although I think Blackman wins Wednesday, but whoever wins it all will not "walk through" or win every game by at least 15.
  4. Beech, Blackman, Cookeville, and Rossview in the first round.
  5. abo14

    10 AAAA

    Congrats indeed! It would take a couple of upsets on Beech's part but maybe we can have a rematch in the finals.
  6. A little strange, the only way I see this being an issue is if the new hire is on a basketball staff somewhere that is still playing. Not sure how finding out who my football coach for next year would be a distraction during basketball. I could understand maybe not wanting to take the spotlight off the basketball run. JMO, but I dont have a noodle in pot. Good luck to the bb team and the new football hire.
  7. abo14

    10 AAAA

    Congrats to the Lady Cavs. That was a fun game.
  8. Me either, I dont know the specifics of the rule. I wasnt at the game, only saw what was on video. I just know that they werent involved. I have no dog in the hunt. I just hate that the post season for that part of the state is in disarray because of this.
  9. I agree. Not sure why this game couldnt have been finished. Flagerant on 20 in black (ejection if the refs think its warranted), ejection and suspension for those that left the bench (15 and 22 in black) if anyone in white left the bench they didnt make it into the action. Technical on 12 in white for coming back to the action. Assess the penalties and finish the game. I do understand that the officials dont have the benefit of the video.
  10. abo14

    10 AAAA

    Whatever the outcome of the final, I like both teams' chances in the sectional.
  11. Good luck to Coach Douglas.
  12. Mondo, you are pretty engrained in the community, thoughts on this hire?
  13. abo14

    10 AAAA

    They played in the preseason with Cookville winning by double digits, but I put zero stock in those games. Cavs are definitely the favorites but I dont see this being a 20 point game.
  14. abo14

    10 AAAA

    Can the Lady Bucs score enough to hand the Lady Cavs their second loss of the season? Can they stay in front of the Lady Cavs on the defensive end? I think this could be an interesting matchup.
  15. I thought it was strange, but neither party really asked my opinion.
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