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  1. Dang wkk....give us some love! THS has the ability to win...if they would log some assists...and play unselfishly! If they play unselfish, they will win...if not...they will shoot poorly like they did vs. West (3 for 25 in the second half). MAKE THE EXTRA PASS AND THE VIKES WILL LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY! Same thing happened last year vs Jeff. Co....should have won that one as well!!! Added note: Morristown West played well and were very patient...almost pulled off the upset. The Hill by 30 (no brainer)
  2. Gotta add Science Hill....to top four...
  3. THS lost 67-52 to Wise, VA. Central. THS split with them over the summer during team camp. This time around (when it counts) Wise shot very good and THS showed little or no chemistry. I noticed THS has a couple of teammate coaches too...That never helps a teams chemistry. THS needs to look at one statistic in particular...Assists...Tricitiessports reported Wise 16 THS 3! Same thing was true against the Hilltoppers...Toppers had a bunch (as Barnwell stated in the paper) THS prob had a handful at most. Successful teams will log many assists... Another example would be Unicoi vs East last night...Unicoi had 16 assists over 19 baskets! Some teams play like it's 'my time to shoot' rather than just playing good team ball and building chemistry. Teamball...isn't that a big part of chemistry? Oh well...THS better be ready today against CAK...
  4. I thought that they might have lost 1...I couldn't remember... Still a great bunch of Sophomores and Juniors... West should get better and better too.. I watched them this year. Scrappy bunch!
  5. I was unable to attend...But I have a dvd of the game and I'll probably watch it soon. Science Hill has a load of talent. As middle schoolers, the Junior class was 29-0...The Sophomore class was undefeated as well...I think. They have so many threats! They are nearly unstoppable if they play team ball. I would rank them a final four team in the state. IMHO, I think their success started about mid-season last year. I noticed that the likes of Copney and Reid 'bought into' making the extra pass even though they were capable of creating their own shots..(actually heard that Barnwell benched them on an occasion for not seeing the floor...etc) Barnwell certainly did his homework (but dang! look at his talent). As for THS, throw any four of the other 14 girls on the floor and Mitchell and you can win against the rest of the Big 8 teams. The challenge comes when you play 'top tier' competition. THS definately does not have the talent compared to the Hill. Coach Wade will have to 'trim' the rotation down to about 7 and devise ways to create offense for other players to help Mitchell carry the load. Extracting the 'strengths' of those 7 will be critical if they want to make it out of the region. Adapting to your level of talent and skill is the hardest part of coaching! I still think THS would be ranked around 15 in the State. That's just my take on it...I'll have to watch the film!
  6. Dec 3rd at Va Tip-off Cloudland wins 57-34 over Patrick Henry (Glade Va.) for 3rd Place
  7. I'm with Tommy...I really thought that Boone would do much better against THS (at least a couple of quarters) They did look frightened. The post from THS when down with a knee injury playing against Greenville a couple weeks ago. I dont think a definitive prognosis has been made yet.
  8. Victory, You are correct. I was wrong about the MW game. THS did play 11 and not 15. Nevertheless, I still feel that SH would have the edge with their rotation of 11. You are right about trying some other girls for chemistry. The Hill is such a dangerous team because 5 (or more) different girls could lead them on any given night. THS on the other hand have a stellar athlete in Mitchell and she will be the typical leader 95% of the time. This is a similar situation as last year...It was hard to stop Hensley...Goodman...Copney...Reid...Tarter...etc. THS had Burleson...Mitchell...and many 'other role players'... IMHO, Stopping 5 or 6 players who average close to 10 pts or more a game is a difficult task. THS will be competitive...and Mitchell will have to carry them...one way or another.
  9. One factor for the Hill 'winning with a greater margin' than THS against MW is that SH has an 11 player squad and THS has a 15 player squad. Maybe the THS coaching staff is looking for chemistry...or making sure their JV players don't suffer some losses come conference time...(as they did last year) THS, up to this point, have played Mitchell along with any 4 of the remaining 14 and have come away in victory. Against MW, Betsy and Greenville, Mitchell was able to drive at will...(Playing 11 girls almost back-fired against MW). Taking the top 11 from each team, I would still favor the the Hill... One would have to give them the edge because it takes less time to build chemistry with fewer numbers. Cut the rotation down to 7/8 players, it will be a closer game between SH/THS. I guess the argument could be made that high-pressure defence requires more players in the rotation...although, as you are aware, Big Blue, Unicoi does a pretty good job with about a 7/8 player rotation on both ends of the floor. THS should be very competitive with the Hill once they gain more chemistry with fewer numbers. It will be a dog fight!
  10. D-1 Potential from NE TN Tianna Tarter Science Hill SO Shy Copney Science Hill JR Ashlee Mitchell Tennessee JR Brooke Rhodes Cloudland JR
  11. Yes. WNC plus a host of others. Several are evaluating her...including ETSU. I agree, she is very coachable. What a gift for Cloudland!
  12. Brook is a winner on and off the court. Division 1 player. She is a true 6'-1" post that can put the ball on the floor and create. Great form on the shot, plus her release is at the 9' range. Goes right or left very well. Great defender. She has the potential to average a double double...Closer to 15pts/15rebs. a game. She would also have these numbers at a AAA school. Simply put, she's a fierce competitor!
  13. Bunch of good players listed...I'm impressed...you are a new poster Johnk...but you know a lot of quality ball players...You've been around a while it seems... Must say...Gabby Lyons big time sleeper for the Hill...Glad to see you list her. Haven't heard why Snyder transferred...that will hurt the Falcons!
  14. Ashlee Mitchell...NE TN Defensive POY?? Shy Copney...All Big 8?? Morgan Knack and Chloe Neil...JC Press List of 3 pt. shooters @40%?? Emily Edwards...JCP Top Scoring List Morgan Depew...? Lindsey Overbay...? many others...
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