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    High School and College Basketball and Football, Golf, Visiting daughter and family in Ky; Visiting son, nephew's, and brother's family in Knoxville area, Church.
  1. Ditto on the sadness and the memories. It has been so much fun to watch this group over the last 4 years. You are a class act, seniors and all the team.
  2. Could have predicted that that would have happned if I had seen post earlier. Westview is playing final four state caliber basketball. OC, GC, and Milan best three of four in the state. Two great games for one admission price; could just as well be seeing final four state tournament consolation basketball on regional level, with all four from same district. See you in Brownsvile on Monday night for Region 7AA girl semi's. Be there or be disappointed.
  3. Just like in Brownsville on Monday night with the best girls in the state fromm 13AA playing in the Region 7AA tournament, Dresden will see three of the best 4 teams in the state playing final four state tournament basketball on a Regional level from the same district. How sad it is to see one of the three best teams in the state hanging it up at Dresden in the Regional semi's! Northwest Tennessee offers some great caliber basketball for fans to watch. Other teams in the state will be happy that Union City, Humboldt, and Lake County (no order intended) keep beating up on each other before they progress any farther.
  4. I am not surprised that all 13 AA teams won their 1st round region game, even if two did go on the road. OC had trouble with NS but that shows the strength of both teams. All four 13AA teams deserve to be playing for the gold as the final four of the state. It is a shame that that won't happen because two of the four will reluctantly be going home after Monday night. I am sure that the rest of the state will be happy that those four are meeting each other before they get any farther. Congratulations to all four teams, but obviously I have my favorite, so I take my stand with the Lady Rebels!
  5. Was a good game. Both teams played with spirit and for the win. D'burg, Milan, and OC all pretty even in the district from my viewpoint. THe winner of any of these playing each other depends on who is on their game that night. OC missed too many free throws and turned the ball over too much late in the game. But they still gave their fans some excitement as did Dyersburg.
  6. There is a Madison Turner listed in the BB program. You probably made that girl's day on the mix up!
  7. Was surprised to hear that the UC head football coach is resigning. Don't know him personally, but is a class act to resign for the betterment of the program. So much stress and pressure put on coaches to win, win, win! He has been with the UC program as an assistant before moving up to top spot. Wish him well whereever he lands should he decide to stay in coaching. HE should be a plus for any coaching staff.
  8. They also have a freshmen girl named McKenzie Tucker that is one to watch. She led Lake Road in Jr. High to a 2nd place finish in the West Tennessee Regionals last year. Smart player and good athlete. Why is Whitney Williams not playing this year?
  9. Is Kayla Hudson going on a bb scholarship to a college?
  10. Gleason's loss to Lake County in their distirct tournament put a burr under their saddle. They are on a mission. That loss happened at the perfect time. They didn't seem to like that. They have something to prove, that the no. 1 ranking was the way it should be. GLEASON will not be denied. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
  11. I was told by an eyewitness that at the conclusion of the game, a DC player went over to the CC fan bleacher area and made some unnice gestures to the fans. A group of neutral fans winthin that area was very surprised and shocked at the behavior. It caused some lost respect for the DC win by these indivciduals that had to wintness such behavior.
  12. Hey bhhvols. What a night! Call me if you wish. I can't sleep.
  13. At least there was one good upset tonight. VOLS over Gators by 10. Pat Summit was awesome in her support of Pearl and the VOLS. "Good night David" ....... "Good night Chet"
  14. Just found out there were two upsets at West Carroll tonight. Did the Atwood police have enough manpower to control things there after the games? Wonder what is going to happen at State now that UC and LC are out. I'm glad that I did not bet on any of the games! Carry the torch Humboldt and Trenton, cause you now have the burden on your shoulders to represent your district and your region. Prove yourself worthy of what you have done.
  15. I want to congratulate Union City Boys and their girls on a great season. Even though Humboldt has a great team and beat UC tonight, I still am totally shocked that it happened. My heart goes out to the Union City Tornadoes, because of their loss tonight. Obviously this just goes to show that you can never count your chickens before they hatch. ( and I really don't think they did) Let's just hope that both LC and Humboldt can play a great chanmpionship game in the Regionals and then somehow get to play each other in the state finals. Cause these three teams are some of the best in the state. By the way THE VOLS were awesome tonight beating Florida.
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