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  1. can anyone who attended these games explain what went on?
  2. Any updates on the BGA/Baylor game?
  3. it was such a late challenge, that was why he gave the red, he knows he wasnt trying to hurt the other play, it was just so late and hard
  4. I agree, and they were even down a man on a stupid tackle by an outside mid, very late and very dumb
  5. decent in midfield, the guy up top is ok, shaky in the back, shaky keeper also
  6. well they would change for any team who looses 11 senoirs, and im just saying what i want, and big east soccer is fine pal
  7. are you kidding me, i played with lowder and he may look big but he is extremly fast with and without the ball
  8. no the district has never been that good, i mean, our starters last year only got to play about a half each game due how bad some of the teams were. I mean, besides CPA, each game was a walk, its always a good game against CPA because the intensity runs high, i dont know how you can tell me that ur district semifinal, region semifinal, and substate game is a difficult game, and how did CPA have trouble with that hume fogg team this year in the final. I heard the goal shouldnt have even happened. and how does my dad coaching fra not have anything to do with me, and i did play there pal, so it has everything to do with me, so i wish you luck in state where you will play some real competition.
  9. settle down, im not bashing, i thought we were allowed to state opinions on here, i have plenty to do with it because my dad is a coach of one of the teams in the district, the district isnt very strong, how can you say it is when the last state championship was in 99, and there werent many from our district before that, theres ur stat pal, and soccer isnt all about stats anyway, people can tell how a team is by watching them play. Atleast i can, i dunno about you, but CPA has two decent players in midfield and a runner up top, a team with organization and some skilled players would beat them easily(AKA CAK)
  10. finally getting carded...haha, were you there, guess not. Yes unfortunate for that call, the two goals called back, the shady pk, and a ball rolling through our keepers legs
  11. naw im neither, im one of those guys you wish you could have been, playing D1 against teams like Indiana, Maryland, and Notre Dame, and im just saying the district isnt very strong, my highschool team walked through all the way to state my sophmore, junior, and senior years. And as for the LC and CAK comment, CAK deserved a better game in state than CCS, and we beat LC twice last year and CAK once, so yeah the "west" dominates in state championships, but what can you do when you get screwed, and CPA wont do anything special
  12. well pigeon forge and cpa both arent very good so it might have been a good game. CPA is an ok size team, then dont play good soccer but they will probably win because the region is so bad. They wont be a force in state.
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