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  1. Skeeter07

    CBHS vs. MUS

    I didnt want to start a new topic, but McCallie - 14 Webb - 1
  2. Yeah i agree... Although i didnt see it as a very classy move to check the stick, I did notice that the ravenwood players were in dissaproval and so i just want to make it clear that I am not saying that the ravenwood players have bad attitudes. Also, i agree on the second part. I dont think that either team played to their best ability. Im pretty sure that ravenwood can play much better than that, and I KNOW mccallie can play alot better, so it will be interesting if we are able to see these teams meet again.
  3. Chase Hayes, and you seem mighty curious young one... Ahh, MUS LACROSSE! now i know why...
  4. Yeah it was a pretty interesting game for the most part... The ravenwood coach got pretty heated at the end stopping the game for a stick check (which ended up being legal), and screaming at the ref telling him that his call was BS when the game was already over. But yeah other than that it was fun.
  5. There have been alot of big programs that have combined guys from alot of different schools into one program. Im sure if you could just find someone to coach and get enough guyd together you could at least have a development year next year and possibly even a DII team sometime in the future... Where is Jefferson?
  6. Remember, MUS beat McCallie by 3 in the regular season and then lost in the finals. I appreciate that donttalkjustplay said that because you can never tell whats going to happen in state.
  7. My Prediction... Ravenwood - 4 MBA - 9
  8. Okay, one mans opinion (take into account that this is a cbhs opinion and it really doesnt matter because they have really bad temper problems) but any other thoughts?
  9. Skeeter07

    The D-Poles

    Mccallie hands down has the best defense in the state
  10. Skeeter07

    The D-Poles

    Ravenwood seems to have their one defenseman (#16) and no one else. This guy is ginormous but i think that is all they have on D.
  11. and they all smell bad. like rancid milk in july
  12. Tom Jackson is arguably the best defender in the state... maybe you (camo) should post some names so we can actually have a discussion about what this board was intended to do-- talk about potential all-americans. all i got from your post was that mus and mba have defenders who might be good, but we dont know yet cause we havent seen them. Names would help
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