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  1. I couldn't have said that better myself!
  2. Huntland better hold on to their hornets....Forrest is fired up and don't worry...they will be ready!!!!
  3. Congrats to Coach K and the Forrest Nation. Can't wait to see what next season brings!!!
  4. Love the Annie reference... It's not that I have a "no big deal" attitude.... I'm just not letting this ruin my day. How about....build a bridge and get over it! Coleman has moved on, and Forrest needs to also.
  5. Y'all are blowing this way out of proportion. The program is not going to fall apart. My son plays at Forrest and has always respected Coach Coleman. He will definitely be missed and we wish him all the best at Summit. That program is young and struggling but definitely has a bright future. Our remaining Forrest players are very resilient so adjusting to a new coach is old hat for most of them. The Juniors have had a different coach for the last three seasons. So this will be business as usual. They will prepare and be ready no matter what happens. Go Rockets!
  6. Any half time scores from the other games? Forrest leads Houston Co., 20-12 at the half.
  7. I'd say the Lady Rockets are peaking at the right time of the season...so its not a luck thing. Its going to be a good game either way it ends up.
  8. Congrats Lady Rockets on your Region 5A Championship tonight! You needed to bring your A game tonight and you brought it! So proud of your solid team effort! Congrats Christina on your Region 5A MVP award. And thank you for not making us travel to Wayne Co on Saturday!!!!
  9. That was not the right thing. The night before an Eagleville boys player got clothes-lined and was laying on the court struggling to breathe and play continued. I could go on and on....refs just need to get on the same page and call consistently. The only ref that has been good this year is the small, dark haired one who always wears a pony tail. She is really good calling games.
  10. Gotta agree...Rachel Garland played great...it just wasn't Forrest's night. Hopefully, they will get to play again a few more times. The refs were just plain terrible. Since when do refs stop play for an injury...haven't seen that happen all year...and at such a pivotal time..maybe they need to add a few more refs to the game so they don't have to run so much! Maybe that would help! Go Lady Rockets!
  11. I agree. When these two teams play, you better believe they are both gonna bring their best game. Can't wait!
  12. It was a great game...and I'm definitely not trying to imply that Huntland didn't deserve the win. Jacob was shooting the lights out. I think that game was more like the District finals in my opinion. It was well worth the long drive. District 9 will be well represented should one or both make it out of Regions.
  13. I say its too close to call. Injuries, foul trouble and bench depth could play a big factor.
  14. Its not over for Forrest, they will just have to work a little harder to come back. And if Huntland wins the District, they won't be playing at home next time. Forrest will have their full squad back and they will be ready.
  15. OK, so Districts is just around the corner...anyone know when the brackets will be up?
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