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  1. That would be great, but we barely have enough for full feild twice a week. If we can I'm in though.
  2. The lights going out was bush league. We had rallied from four down and had all the momentum and then we had to cool our heels for 45 minutes. Another thing about the game time, not that it matters, but we had to check into our hotel before the game.
  3. WarriorsLax21

    Next Year?

    West Knoxville is losing quite a bit. We lose Felker, Swanson, Bates, Bowman, McDuffie, Hughes, Morton, Marsh, Nachtrab, Hall, Oakley, and Johnson. While only six of those twelve start, we lose a big leadership presense with Felker, Swanson, and Bates being three of our captains. We also didn't have that much of a Junior Class, the standouts are Brandt, Hamby, and Hudson. On a coaching note, Brad Pruitt has stepped down, and Ryan Hardin will be taking over. Also, Nish Patel is moving to NC. Look for it to be between us and Cookeville next year.
  4. WarriorsLax21

    state title

    Who won the DII championship
  5. Our coaches reason is that we have to travel, and we are not a school team so the absenses from school would not be excused. He also said today that we are the number one seed and we wouldn't have time to get there early enough for a good warm up. He deemed that a disadvantage, and the number one seed shouldn't have any disadvantages.
  6. Also, we just learned that our game has been moved to 7:30 and will be played in the football stadium as I understand.
  7. I don't really think that he does. He tends to yell at the refs too much and that isn't a good example for us players. I think it should either go to the franklin or cookeville coach.
  8. How did we(west knox) end up with the #1 seed? Also we are having trouble with our game time. We really can't get there for a six o'clock game, but neither can cordova. Our coach is talking to the TSLA guy and we'll see what happens.
  9. So now that we know the wildcard winners, who plays who on friday night. By the way are we playing on field turf?
  10. Does anyone know who plays who in the state tournament? DI and DII would be appeciated. Also, does anyone know if we are playing on field turf or grass?
  11. Enough with the trash talking. I think any team in this state can beat any other team on any given day. We honestly believe that we are the best in the state even without felker when we are at our best. I'm sure that every other team feels that way about themselves as well. Lets do the talking on the field. By the way, cookeville played a heck of a game, and I think you guys deserve the playoffs more than webb.
  12. In a classic thriller, West Knox outlasted cookeville 14-13 in Double overtime. Overtime highlights were Rob Brandt drawing two interference calls on what would have been failed clears, and Andrew Hall scoring the winner with about 1:45 left in double overtime. The win puts West Knox into the semifinals of the playoffs. We did this without our best player, Matt Felker, who is out with a broken leg for the rest of the year. Cookeville scored with 20 seconds left in regulation to tie it up. By the way to anyone who was there, what was up with their socks.
  13. I wasn't at the game last night, but I hear that West Knox won 11-6. I also heard that it got pretty tense. Anyone have a recap.
  14. In D2 News, west knox beat webb 11-6. All the warriors have to do is beat cookeville on tuesday to go to nashville.
  15. West Knoxville had its game with Cookeville postponed so we don't know when we will play it. The game with webb still is ahead on Friday, so we will see how it goes.
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