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  1. I know for sure the following girls are seniors: West-Hall, Goins, Fanney, and May (Smith is a jr. and Jones a soph.) East-Blaylock and Orrick,(Hensley a soph.) Cocke Co-Depew and Buda, Jeff co.-Nelson, (Miller is a jr.) Seymour--Cowan
  2. All Conference Woodfin-South Doyle Ryans- Cherokee Pippin- Sevier Co. Blaylock and Orrick--East Cowan and Brown-- Seymour Sprouse, Depew and Buda-Cocke Co. Nelson and Miller--Jeff. Co. Jones, Smith and Goins-West POY-Taylor Hall-West COY--Johnny Galyon--West All Tournament May, Fanney, and Goins--West Hensley and Orrick--East Nelson and Miller--Jeff. Co Pippin--Sevier Co. Cowan--Seymour MVP Taylor Hall--West
  3. Taylor Hall--Morristown West No question!
  4. Congratulations to the Morristown West Lady Trojans--ranked number 1 in the first AP poll of the season. As we all know there is a lot of basketball yet to be played!
  5. Make-up dates for Morristown West At Cocke Co. Thurs. Jan.28th At Sevier Co. Tues. Feb. 9th
  6. The Lady Trojans certainly represented well, coming home with a 2-1 record. Update on Sidney Goins: nothing confirmed, will see the doctor next week. She was feeling much better yesterday. It was awesome to be able to hear all the games live. Thanks to everyone involved!
  7. Yes the Ladies' Classic is a great tournament, but I agree, how can Morristown West pass up such an opportunity? These young ladies have worked very hard to be able to go to this tournament, it will be the exeperience of a lifetime. Life is about so much more than basketball, these girls will be able to travel across the country and see and do things they may never have the opportunity to do again. It will be great national exposure for all involved. I can't imagine any program would pass up an invitation to this tournament if they could raise the money to take their team. I can assure you these girls will represent the IMAC and the state of TN with class. Be happy for them! Good Luck Lady Trojans!
  8. Morristown West girls and boys can be heard on WJDTFM.com
  9. Yes I received the information directly from the coach. The game will start at 6:00 pm.
  10. The Morristown West / Sullivan South game on Friday will tip at 6:00 pm not 7:00 as originally scheduled.
  11. Thank you for your insight and most of all for your support of your team, and doing it in such a classy manner. I agree with most everything you said. As we go into the region I wish all the IMAC teams the best of luck. You will miss these days more than you know, I have been there, as my daughter graduated a few years ago. It is a fun ride if you don't let some people take the FUN out of it!
  12. Does anyone have the exact brackets for the region tournament? I thought The winner of the West game would play the winner of the Greeneville game on Mon. in the semis. Is this not correct?
  13. Very good post--while i will be pulling for West i think it will be a great game and i certainly wish CC the best after tonight. If West doesn't play better than they did Friday night they won't win. I too hope for no injuries and consistent officiating!
  14. i am taking Jeff in an upset and West to win the championship
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