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  1. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. MBA

    this match should be on the internet it has the past 2 years and it should start at match time
  2. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. MBA

    how well will mba match up this year against ryan?
  3. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. Independence

    you wouldnt happen to have any stats do you? good strong win by the irish!
  4. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. Independence

    after watching the ryan ba match last nite it looks as though the ryan upper wieghts are showing improvement. they are not as weekyou think!
  5. bigbigguy


    i dont think it matters where these two wrestlers are seeded they will both make it to the state finals but i am looking foward to seeing if mr. marchetti and mr. cash meet on tuesday
  6. bigbigguy

    DII individuals

    i seriously hope your kidding about the heavyweight spot. hermann man-handled carrethers when they wrestled. everything else i agree, except i think that there could be a possible upset at 135 and possibly 160
  7. bigbigguy

    Lets get the party started Baylor vs Father Ryan

    yes i did make a mistake. i meant to say 125. sorry got a little mixed up there
  8. bigbigguy

    Lets get the party started Baylor vs Father Ryan

    i agree! also i think that the 119 lb match is ganna turn out a little different than predicted. baylor mite win in that particular match, but i dont think it will be by a pin. the fr 119 faught francis really well. they ended the first period with brewer leading. so i think that brewer is ganna give whitaker a hard time. GO IRISH!!!!
  9. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. Baylor, the predicted d2 finals

    well its less than a week away and there is already tons of excitement. as for the finals match ( father ryan vs. baylor, the predicted final match) you better get there early for a seat! it will be a heck of a match and im interested to see how it will turn out. GO IRISH!!!!
  10. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. MBA

    ryan wins big in this one
  11. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan vs. Clarksville

    father ryan beats clarksville 41-15
  12. since there has been a lot of talk about this predicted match up, i say we go ahead and make a topic out of it! SO LETS HAVE IT!
  13. bigbigguy

    DII outlook

    if you seriously think that baylor is goin to be that dominant over ryan then you are going to be really dumbfounded when ryan comes out on top (considering they both make it to the finals match.) i dont think that your given ryan's lower weights enough credit. i can see about 3 to 4 matches where you picked baylor to win that ryan has a really good chance of winning to. ryan's 119-140 believe it or not IS a solid bunch! all in all the match is goin to be a heck of a lot closer than you predict, with fr comen out on top!
  14. bigbigguy

    Whos the best hvyweights in the state?

    zach herman from father ryan is the best hevyweight in tennessee
  15. bigbigguy

    Father Ryan at Memphis University School

    does anybody know the score at this point?