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  1. When partipating in field events, does the athlete advance by winning district, regionals, etc or is it by height jumped or feet thrown, etc?
  2. Where and what time is this game being held? Also, when will All-District awards be given? Thanks.
  3. Does't Columbia play Coffee County?
  4. Where are the semi and championship games being held? Also - What days and when? Thanks.
  5. Livingston Academy tied 1-1 against Coffee County Central High School Thursday night.
  6. As far as going on the radio, more people read this thread that listen to that radio show. said dontusee91 Evidently, you listen to the radio show as well. Perhaps it would have been best for you to express your views on his call in show, than once again on Coach T.
  7. Considering how wet I am it appears to me that Mr. Nolan missed this call. It has been raining most of the game and so now I have taken refuge in side.
  8. Where can we find a complete list of District winners of girls through out the State?
  9. This game is known to get out of hand with the fans. I hope, especially, that the grown ups act in a manner that doesn't embarrass their children, or leave a lasting impact. Recently, at the CCHS vs Lincoln Co. game that ended in a tie, there were parents yelling for their children to take out CCHS players, calling them by number. Also, the Lincoln Co. assistant coach called the CCHS team a bunch of cows and continued to yell during the game, "Herd them cows" as she laughed this terrible laugh. And to think she is probably someone's mother as well. It was sooooo bad..... The head coach should have put a stop to it. After the game, one of the Lincoln Co. players, #9, got into the CCHS's face and started yelling at her while her coach watched. The CCHS coach had to ask the Lincoln Co. coach if he was going to stop her. When did it become alright for children to yell at authority figures, regardless of who they are? The ref didn't even card the girl. When asked, he replied "He didn't see what was happening on the sidelines". Maybe so, but it lasted so long and #9 was so loud, it would be hard not to have noticed. I hope her coach took action against this player, and furthermore, I hope her parents dealt with her behavior as well. It's sad when high school sports are turned ugly by the example of coaches and parents. Should we be surprised when children turn out to be disrespectful and feel as though they should not be held accountable? It's not just a sport lesson we've taught these kids, it's a life one and we will be held accountable for it as well.
  10. Well now, there must be something to that scientific formula, 31-10. You've been close two weeks in a row.
  12. The game did not end as you had predicted. Tullahoma only won 1-0. What do you attribute this too? Did Manchester play better than you expected or did Tullahoma fail to play as well as you thought they would?
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