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  1. Sounded like a heck of game wished I could have been there. Looks like everybody was playing for 2nd place ever since the season started though.
  2. Good Luck to the LC Panthers! I have to work Friday night wished I was going but I be getting updates. Good Luck Coach Sharp your one of the best!
  3. This game use to be a 3rd round game at least. Rebuilding year for both teams this year. I will be pulling for WC ....did I just say that???? I cant believe I typed that in here.
  4. I watched 2nd half from the hill in my jeep until PC gave up then I did too and went home.
  5. Bring your rain coats and umbrellas going to be a little wet tonight.
  6. I hope we run it every play too! Dont you guys want the ball? If we run it every play that means we have the ball the whole game. You Hoser!
  7. LOL you got some good jokes. This years game has a little bit of hype. PC knows they are having a down year but WC actually thinks they are decent. This only means that WC is supose to win. There for all the pressure is on WC. I would hate to lose to a down PC if I were WC. WE have run the sprinklers all week in the visiting in field seats and on the playing field. I know its like quick sand over there wear your boots. You wont be laughing after the pressure gets those little wild cats tail kicked.
  8. All those good high lights were good but WC lost that game ! PC has some high lights from that game that looked pretty darn good too and the best one was Tucker scoring a 2 point conversion to win that sucker!
  9. Austin Rice aint playing guys......Lets talk about A. Mathis for PC. He is a brusier guys. You guys need to go look at few games back the CA game. I have not seen a stiff arm like Mathis put on that safety. He mashed that kid threw him right on his back. I hope WC gets a double or triple dose of a few of them.
  10. Vikings pull off an upset 28 to 21 both teams out of playoffs . Last years top teams now on the bottom.
  11. Sorry to hear of Loretto's tragedy my condolences go out to the whole community. I also hate to hear about my little buddy Oakley Bates. PC will have to step up this week if they want to pull out a win against a team on the rise like Loretto.
  12. Is this game going to be on the web or radio ? if so give me the link
  13. Marco was good no great player. I still think Tucker was better. GO VIKINGS!!!
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