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  1. Well time for my predictions ! I see Loretto battling with Waynrsborp for the district championship. The Stangs have a lot of skilled positions to replace but I hear the new offense will be something hard to contain. Loretto will edge the Wild Cats and get the Championship !
  2. How did the Spring game turn out? I was out of town and could not attend. What the offense look like and will we have a passing game this season? Any big stuffs on defense? Someone give us a update about what to expect this season!
  3. I thought Burks was a Senior. That will help with him coming back. It will be a new crop of players with new opportunities. When will the Spring practice start?
  4. I am not sure what to expect from the Stangs this coming year. We lost a lot of skilled positions. The O line will be young. Myles Burks, Dalton Neese, Corey Allen, Leo green and Matt Rosson graduate. I say it will be a rebuilding year for the Stangs. What say y'all?
  5. Let's go Cards! Go get that win tomorrow! This will be a great game. Go get it done !
  6. Good job Eagleville. You have a really good team. Loretto wishes you the best the rest of the way! Hope you make it to Cookeville.
  7. Your right BobBBuck ! CA will bring their own Zebra crew! Just ask us from Loretto who got screwed at CA! Wayne County will be behind on that issue but they will get the win! Go get the win Cats!
  8. I will take Wboro by 10. Go beat the CA out of CA Cats !
  9. None taken . I guess that is why them play them . Go Stangs!
  10. Sorry to say this but Eville has played well to be 9-1. But you have a weak season schedule . The game will be close with Loretto winning by 10.
  11. Here is how to spell Loretto ! And Loretto wins by. 10.
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