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  1. alex1118

    District 4aaa

    Heh, guess so. I'd hate Farragut too if I went to Bearden.
  2. alex1118

    Best fields?

    I don't see how any field could be better than Farragut's, that thing is absolutely pristine. Coach Pharr and the players put A LOT of work into that field.
  3. alex1118

    District 4aaa

    Ahhhh HB2021, I feel sorry for you my friend. Obviously, you go to Bearden, and because of that, I feel for you. I mean, I really honestly do. It must stink to be second best to your rival, Farragut, in almost every single aspect of well....pretty much everything. Your argument about Bearden beating Farragut last year 4 times humors me a lot....whats funny is who wakes up everything morning and puts on a State Championship ring? Yea, thats right...Farragut does. just do us all a favor, and come to the realization that you're second best. Farragut > Bearden
  4. Alright, i've about had it with Nick getting posterized as being the worst possible person ever just because he got kicked out of a basketball game. Powellfan, are you a student? If so you know exactly what happens during a basketball game. Every single student at EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL curses during basketball games. heck, the other night i even SAW and HEARD parents cursing at the officiating. The Farragut parents went crazy a couple times, as did the Powell Parents. I wish I could say the Powell student section did the same, but it only comprised of 10 people. Every Farragut fan in that gym went beserk at that GOD AWFUL, ATROCIOUS call. Nick just happened to be on the floor and yell whatever he yelled the loudest. Get the heck off his back and find something else to complain and moan about. And to your comment about Farragut's student section being bad, Powell's is most deffinantly worse. At the end of the Farragut vs. Powell football game this fall, Powell's students preceded to maul a Farragut player who was hurt in the endzone. After the game I had to run back to my car for fear of some Powell redneck trying to pick a fight with me. On another note, the best student section I've encountered this year has to be Maryville's. We played there twice in basketball this winter, and on both occasions Maryville's students were great. They had a big turnout, and didn't talk any trash. Anyways, my rant of the night.
  5. heh, we'll see. Farragut by 14-21. -alex
  6. The win with dignity thing goes both ways. You guys beat us last year in basketball, and in baseball, and im pretty sure you didn't win with dignity. We don't show any class towards you, and you guys don't show any class towards us. It goes both ways, and thats fine. Also, there was a lot of buildup to this game as there is always, including the trash talking, ect. I really feel like Bearden brought a lot of it on themselves. A few examples: the Bearden train rolling into FHS with horns blaring ect. Any respect there? No. Also, totally TRASHING the Senior parking lot. The amount of trash where the Bearden students parked is ABSOLUTLEY ridiculous. The same people also poured paint all over a Farragut student's car. And the worst of all, a Bearden High School guy HITTING and THROWING a Farragut High School GIRL to the ground before the game. Any respect there? Yea, I didn't think so. Take your "dignity" and "respect" arguement, and shove it. -alex
  7. That pretty much says it all, Farragut has almost 4 times the amount of championships that Bearden has. West doesn't even make the list. So yes, Farragut does dominate the West, and I'm pretty sure from looking at the list, they dominate Knoxville as well.
  8. We'll see if Bearden beats Farragut at anything this year. Also note that Farragut's volleyball team BEAT the BULLDOGS on Thrusday Night. Guess it was a prelude, huh? I guess I should cut you Bearden kids some slack; losing 6 times in a row to your arch rival does stink. It was pretty obvious that the Bearden students were excited about the game, they came in at around 5 with about a 10-15 car train that was honestly pretty awesome. Too bad you got beat. Again. Good luck the rest of the season, maybe we'll see each other in the playoffs, and you can get beat AGAIN. -alex
  9. Hey guys, hope you had a good Friday Night. Anyways, Bearden looked like the same ole Bearden. Halliday wasn't overly impressive, He didnt appear to make ANY reads at all; basically picked a receiver at the line and stuck with him the whole time. I really thought Bearden was going to pass all over us, but they really didn't. Nice touchdown from Halliday to Bunch though, that was a nice play. Like the previous posts stated, Andre' Sterling is a stud. He looked absolutley ridiculous last night. His 260ish yards were all HARD fought. On all those long runs he had, he broke numerous tackles with ease. Anyways, it was a good Friday, we kicked Bearden's rear in both the can drive and the football game! Can drive stats were like 45/pounds per student at Farragut, and like 29/pounds for Bearden? So, hows second best feel Bearden? -alex
  10. David Bernard, one of the starting lineman for Farragut, hurt his ankle really bad on Friday night. From what I hear, he broke a bone in his ankle, and tore some ligaments in it, but WILL play on Friday. Other than that, everyone is healthy. Should be a great game Friday, I can't wait. For some reason though I think Farragut is going to win, I dunno why, I just do. I bet Bearden people feel the same way. I will admit though, its gotta be getting close to Bearden's time to finally beat Farragut. -alex
  11. Sorry for the late post, had a busy Friday night, and yesterday was QUITE eventful, Can I get a GO VOLS?!!?! Anyways, Friday night's game was great. Farragut totally dominated the game; the score really doesn't reflect how much Farragut destroyed and controlled Heritage. I was really surprised by how terrible Heritage was, especially for a 5A school. And on top of that, people predicting a Heritage win throughout the week! They had one athlete on their team, #5 who was pretty good but other than that, there really wasn't a lot going on. They just looked like the typical rural team, big fat lineman who are pretty much worthless, slow unathletic players, and REDNECK FANS. Oh my god the fans! First of all, our student section was a good 3-4 times larger than Heritage's. But it was truely a paradise for me, and some of the other Senior guys. We spent most of the night heckling these Heritage fans who felt they needed to walk RIGHT in front of our student section. The highlight of the night involved this track and some Heritage High school student. During the course of the game, this bystander walked by numerous times taunting us, and we pretty much tore him a new one with our taunts. Finally, he came around one last time, and prompted to show us his "man boob" ; this guy was HUGE, the fattest person I've seen in a while, and I pretty much almost died laughing. Anyways, Great game Farragut, way to rebound after a tough loss to Central. As for Heritage, its going to be a long year if they keep playing like the way they did Friday. Have a great Sunday and Labor day! -alex
  12. LOL you guys went back and forth for over an hour. Now was that really worth anything? Word of advice, never get into an arguement with Nick(ihavenofriendszz) -alex
  13. I don't think Farragut will ever excel at sports like football or basketball, even if they had the greatest coach. The motivation of the players just isn't there. The young men who play football and basketball for Farragut have a lot more going on in life other than football. For most other athletes at other schools, all they have is football or basketball, its honestly all they know. Thats pretty evident when you look the kids who get offered scholarships by major colleges, most of them don't even qualify because they didn't give a flip about school. I guess what I'm trying to say if that the student-athletes's oppurtunities at FHS extend past sports. I hope that made some sort of sense, probably not though. On another note, 35 state championships of some sort in 6 years isn't too shabby, even if it isn't in basketball and football. Im an optimist, but I don't ever see Farragut winning a state championship in basketball, theres just too much talent statewide. Look how good Bearden's team was last year, and they didn't win state. As far as the basketball team goes, its been evident for a long time that a coaching change should be made; past and current players have even acknowledged it. Time to end the ramble -alex
  14. heh you got me there, ill use the excuse that it was a typo correction....lofty thanks for the watchful eye eric(im guessing) -alex
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