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    • The better kid won? He got called for potential 6 times. IMO a few was intentional. We will agree to disagree. The better kid won? Can’t say that the way it ended. 
    • Gibson County will no doubt be in the mix, as will all the AA teams going to state this year.  To answer your question, yes GC did hold Molly below her season scoring average, but Bystry made GC pay for double-teaming Molly. And it was Molly's outstanding defense that turned the game around for Central when the game was on the line in the 4th quarter.  Her's a link to the article of the game. McMinn Central girls charge into Class 2A title game | Chattanooga Times Free Press 
    • This clip is the story of the whole match, Heflin was the aggressor the entire time and the whistle kept getting blown for potential dangerous. The better kid won
    • What was the score in the Stacey vs Mctorry match when the injury occurred?
    • Absolutely correct abot EVERYONE being confused. -Both wrestlers were confused as to why there was a stoppage. Pretty sure Heflin wanted to keep wrestling because he didnt even know said "infraction" even occured. -Coaches confused as to why there was a stoppage at that point - Fans confused as to why there was a stoppage - Refs called for a stoppage. From my vantage point on the floor which was facing the ref when he approached the scorer's table, I thought he first said "headgear" while he for sure held up 1 point red. I will admit I'm not a very good  lip-reader but that's what I think he said. There was a mini- discussion with the secondary ref and it was then changed to 1 point green. At minimum, ref showed the same uncertainty and confusion on the call as the rest of us while we all wondered why there was a stoppage in the first place.  
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