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    • Well if they don't know if a person is or isn't leaving and that might be the only placement they can put a coach then they can't offer a coaching job and expect him to take in on a notion they "hope" it's open for him.  They hire the classroom or job first over the coaching position unless they know they are not giving a teaching position.
    • So very tough and tight matchups with these 3 state champs for each weight going at it and I flipped back and forth on a few before just making my picks.  4-A,  3-D2,  7-AA.  
    • Yes spot on brother. Having been a ref its the reason I went across state lines to call. They want you to look robotic and not use college mechanics. They are stuck behind times. They are more worried about facial hair etc than can you call a game.  There is one association in particular that is straight up nepotism and have lost countless numbers of officials because of which. This association has a handful of really good officials but they never make it because they dont call the game the old school way. " Thats how its always been" is there favorite line but those are words of a dying organization you have to be willing to adapt. 86 fouls in two games for one of the officials that called in at the state tournament is awful.  TSSAA you have a major issue when it comes to officiating. They have no class room training or court sessions bringing in college officials to teach. Anyone shouldn't be allowed to just sign up and get games and stop placing 1st year refs on varsity games but more importantly district games. Coaches should be allowed to talk and ask questions and not be told they have to take a timeout to talk to you. If you want better refs up the pay, stop playing the good ole boy game, and stop getting worked up about using college signals....
    • The Philadelphia bulll has caused the most commotion by playing a fiddle that I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen this much commotion over a fiddler since the residents of Portville rioted and dern near burnt down Allegheny Springs because Brookshire, Moffit, and Tinker  voted to cancel hee haw and the residents of Morganton road couldn’t watch Roy Clark play the fiddle on the tv. Gideon Morgan rolling in his grave. I just hope the moms from Allegheny keep the kitty in the bag. 
    • Chatt Prep cakewalks next year and will have the Mr.Basketball winner for next year as well. How are they not private? 
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