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    • I saw where they finally got a win versus Franklin County.  The girls program in Franklin County must be in a rebuild.  
    • You expect me to fall for that mess?
    • I have not seen Creekwood but they are usually a pretty well coached team with shooters.  Hard to tell how teams are right after Thanksgiving with practices, tournaments, injuries and everything else the holiday season can bring.  Good luck Friday.
    • Houston was the beneficiary of like 3 turnovers. You’re dreaming if you think they are 20 points better than Germantown without it. As for Brentwood those silver spoon fed boys got exposed last Friday I’ll give you that. I’ve seen Houston and Bradly. And I just threw out my opinion that’s all it is. Houston has Nothing for Bradly. They went toe to toe with Oakland 17 to 17 before Oakland did what Oakland does. If Houston beats Oakland I’ll be the 1st one back to eat crow. I wish the gold was coming west. I don’t mean to hurt your feelers, But it ain’t happening. 
    • And then of course the obvious, the Mavs Stanton Martin finished as #1 in state passing and #10 Nationally in passing. Ended up 15-0 and a state championship last year. I think if we're honest that was a head scratcher, to say the least. 
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