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  1. New club team

    So I have thought about club expenses a lot. The rough cost for Alliance is $3800 for a national level 1 team (I think) (not including travel, food etc). I have no idea how much Munciana, SP etc are, however I am not sure how much less the dues could be and still run a top organization. Coaches have to be paid, there needs to be a full time director-who can make a good living. The facilities are expensive. So I ask, what could be different? We are not basketball, so I don't see a scenario like grassroots aau basketball teams are sponsored and kids play for free. Unless the club owns their own facility--I am not sure how that expense could be reduced--even then there are major expenses to owning a building. I would rather pay more money and practice at A game, then to pay a bit less and practice at the Fieldhouse. In the end though--I will go where the best coaching is 1st, and facility second. Also, not to mention the club that get's the athlete the most exposure--which is massively important. Bad tournament do no one good. What do you think?
  2. New club team

    I can't believe they haven't filled all coaching positions (if in fact that is true). No way would I commit to a club who I didn't have any idea who was coaching. They will never be able to replicate what they have up north. Just completely different market, number of athletes and most of all--former volleyball players. Volleyball in the mid west is just taken so much more seriously. To agree with Summary's point.....At alliance there is such a gap from 1 and 2 teams that the competition isn't great within the club. Not to say that a 2 won't beat a 1, but the gap in talent is very noticeable, especially offensively. The depth in setting is not good either.
  3. New club team

    100% agree with this. More so at the middle school level. Our middle school volleyball is absolutely terrible. And most of the high school coaches are below average at best. When I say there isn't enough talented players, I mean volleyball talented. There is plenty of talent, they just aren't starting volleyball early enough. There are a ton more college level players coming out of our state though. Just not enough depth behind that. The fact we have 2 kids in the Olympic development teams is incredible.
  4. New club team

    it will be interesting to see if we can sustain 3 clubs. I don't see it happening. I think competition is always good though. It overall drives down cost and better customer experience. It will all come down to which club has the best coaches. I wish the talent wasn't so spread out though...there isn't enough talented players in the mid state. Thus it makes for pretty average club teams (when compared nationally) . It's rare that any of the Nashville area clubs can really compete nationally. Last year the 14's had a top 6 finish in Orlando, but that is not typical. There were way less younger kids trying out at Alliance this year. That will ebb and flow from year to year.
  5. Portland

    Incredibly proud of Portland Volleyball. It is hard to build a program like they have in a rural community. Many many years in the making. Those kids have committed to volleyball. Well coached, good kids. What a fun match to watch.
  6. AAA bracket is set

    Logan was also in Argentina. Good times JMAV don't be a stranger.
  7. AAA bracket is set

    yeah I agree. Such a difference defensively from lower divisions. The last 20years, Brentwood is typically the best serving and serve receiving team in the state. They just put so much pressure on the back line. I remember the Dobbins Bennett Teams were so good in that area.
  8. AAA bracket is set

    Siegel is getting handled by Rwood. Should have just listened to Teeter!
  9. AAA bracket is set

    Haha...yeah, that is true. Brentwood has so much talent, it is crazy. What is amazing is the outside opposite of logan is a libero--she isn't even an attacker. I still think Siegel is better than Ravenwood, but clearly Ravenwood and Siegel are the 2-3 best teams. But in the end...it won't matter. I am really disappointed in the overall level of play in our state. We have many solid players, but not very many really good teams. Webb and Catholic are obviously good. I saw Goodpasture play this year and they are solid, but still not a great team. So I saw the outside for Berean Christian play--she is good.
  10. AAA bracket is set

    Didn’t expect Collierville to win that. Usually Memphis is a quick 0-2. Would be great for AAA if West tn could get going. I would take Siegel’s setter for what it’s worth. She’s still young but very talented. Cleveland vs Houston was bananas. Like Cleveland’s setter.
  11. AAA bracket is set

    Station camp has no ball control-they just can’t hang with good teams. Their district is just so bad...it hurts them. . But I agree— prob woods. It will come down to serve receive for sure. Hoping Portland can with AA.
  12. AAA bracket is set

    Good to see a couple of less familiar teams in the field this year with Tennessee High and Cleveland. I was looking at the scores for all the AAA sectionals and they were all 3-0, which is disappointing. It will be interesting to see who the final 4 teams are. Brentwood is clearly the fav. I think Siegel might actually be able to make the finals for the first time ever. Has anyone seen most of these teams play? Predictions for final 4? I got Ravenwood, Brentwood, Siegel and HV. Bwood vs siegel in final with Bwood winning....again.
  13. AAA Info Needed

    They haven't updated DIV 2 A either. Wondering how all that played out. I am sure Goodpasture won but not sure about anyone else.
  14. Catholic has Knoxville's Top Player

    Agree 100%. There was a time when this message board was really good and supportive of HS volleyball. Now, it is almost vacant, in large part because it became so toxic a few years ago--especially from Knoxville folks. You can't believe anything he/she posts. On a side note...cannot wait for the State Tournament to kick off!
  15. District Tournaments

    There was a time when 7AAA was a good volleyball conference. Rutherford County volleyball hasn't developed like it should. No reason for them not to be close to the level of 12AAA. It's not even close. Siegel is the only good program.