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  1. where can the pools be found?
  2. are Siegel and Brentwood healthy?
  3. who is the blackman coach?
  4. Great win for Blackman!
  5. It is ridiculous. I would rather my daughter have been less skilled and play high school, then to be slightly more skilled and not. I blame parents more than anyone else. I would never allow anyone to steer me into making decisions for my daughter that I don't agree with. If the high school coach is awful/hateful etc, that is a reason to consider not playing. But that doesn't appear to be the issue.
  6. is Siegel healthy? I saw a post earlier about that. Can't wait to hear how that match goes.
  7. completely agree osage. I think she is actually better than the exiting Lib. and one of the top 3-4 in the state. She just doesn't get to Lib in club because she plays some OH. really good player.
  8. I would love to think BHS won't win the state, but I tend to agree with TT. I do think SHS will be--once again--in the final 4 and possibly final game. I've never actually thought Siegel could win the state championship, just hopeful it's someone other than Wilco. I long for the days with DB, Farragut, Germantown etc brought legit title contenders to the state.
  9. I like your style Apostle. The 14’s team backed into the gold, didn’t have a winning match/set record but should have finished 3rd and The core group was the mental toughness, winning mindset and leadership that 16’s lacked? This is such a ridiculous take. Yet they didn’t have that while at Alliance according to your comments? This was strictly and only about the ability to play the game of volleyball. You took the best OH and Setter in the state-kudos to TPV. You worked at it, and got them. You deserve that credit. The other “core group” (not the Lib) was just pieces. You put the OH and Setter back on that 16 alliance team and I’ll bet they could have found a way to finish...what was it? 20th? You didn’t take the mental toughness or leadership from the 15’s team You took the best talent This argument is tired and will be the last time I comment on it. I hope TPV and Alliance excel. I hope both clubs improve. I hope Alliances leadership pulls their head out of the sand. I’ve said some things on here that I regret, but to act like TPV is superior is tired. THEY ARE DOING A GOOD JOB, just like Alliance has/had for many many years
  10. None of the Tennessee Clubs can compete in open. TPV, Ethos, Alliance, K2--none. It sucks.
  11. Completely agree TT. But you can’t replace the exposure of the open championship. It changed my daughters recruitment. Literally overnight.
  12. The debate on “open”. If you have recruitable kids. That have div 1 (any division 1) aspirations. You have to play open.
  13. They finished 5th 2 years ago I think-they def made the gold. I could be wrong. But this group is way way more talented. I honestly loved this TPV team. Best LIb, OH and setter in the state. The other OH and RS were so fun to watch. I just want TN volleyball to show up. I want all our clubs to be better. I was too critical earlier. I really Though they were a top 6 team in this tournament. I didn’t get to a lot of the alliance teams this year but they are not strong. The 16 team had maybe 1-2 legit ones players on It. A very weak team. I thought the 15s had a chance to be better. Overall. I feel the alliance teams finished where they should. They are average at best skill wise.
  14. Let me step back. I’m coming off way to harsh. I was very hopeful TPV would make the gold. I think they are certainly talented enough. I am disappointed
  15. Complete disappointment. I’ve seen a lot of volleyball. No way around it.
  16. Anyone heard of TPV made the gold? They easily should with that amount of talent. I think they should be a top 4 finish.
  17. I think most 1's teams should play open. But now with the spreading of talent in middle Tennessee, i'm just not sure. I think many times the director or the coach would like to consider not playing open, but I think a good bit of parents would be angry about it. Especially 14 and up. I agree with Osage on the 15 threshold--good barometer. if you can't score 15--way over head. As long as the teams compete... I am good with it. only about 4-5 teams are actually competing to win those open tournaments anyway--maybe less.
  18. I tend to agree with TT. Nothing worse then getting destroyed at big tournaments. but if you are competitive, then ok, play open. The problem is recruiting. If you have an average to below average team, but let's say with a couple of high level recruits--they need to be in open for that. Even though most talent finds it's way out I think. as usual I could be wrong on that too. I am not really comfortable knowing the differences. I agree being able to count on Orlando is a good draw. And they get recruited very well too.
  19. I haven't. I don't even know how to do that. It seems impossible to fund results. I will make a guess....poorly.
  20. you talking about the 18's TPV team Osage?
  21. Wow that is a great result for TPV. Seems like they are starting to hit their stride. Was the final close?
  22. I have always tried to be pretty level headed on here and don't think I have been over critical or mean spirited at all. Now granted, I haven't went back and searched everyone of my comments over the last decade--I am sure there are some opinions I would like to have back. My opinions have changed many times based on really good conversations on the board. Maybe I am naïve to the politics of all this. I am good with that. Never once had I ever came on here promoting my kid or even mentioning her. Not my style at all. I definitely have biases. I am quite certain that most of us know each other on here. Never once have I tried to out anyone and I don't appreciate you trying to do that to me, weather you were right or wrong. it's just not cool at all. Certainly I am loyal to alliance, I never insinuated that I wasn't. We had a lot of fun with the club.
  23. Good post Osage. I agree this thread has run its course but I have really enjoyed the discussions. It will be interesting to see it all play out.
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