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  1. 2017-2018 AA Top Teams

    I'm excited for the season to start and a little anxious too. South Greene returns all but one and they play fast. I really don't see anyone out running or out hustling, but they have a couple injuries to get through. I haven't heard anything on one of the players, but the other should be back by the first of the year. They also gained some talented freshman but I'm not sure how it all plays in. I'll know more by Thanksgiving. South Greene has always filled their schedule with AA and AAA schools, so they know what the competition is like. I think they will be competitive from the beginning of the season, but I won't be too concerned if they have some hiccups. Several girls are going to have to pick up new positions to fill the missing shoes while they're out.
  2. A State Tournament

    South Greene was lacking two key players the entire season. They did not have two of their juniors who are out with injuries. They managed to overcome and make it to state let alone the championship game with several having to learn new positions. I thought they did quite well. Congrats to Berean Christian and to South Greene. Both are great team.
  3. Pre-season Miss Basketball 2018

    The season can not come soon enough.
  4. Pre-season Miss Basketball 2018

    Taylor Lamb is as deserving as anyone, I hope the change in class does not sway the powers that be and that she be considered. Regardless of class, any player who can be all district, all region, and all state during their freshman, sophomore, and junior years as well as be named MVP at the state championship two straight years deserves recogntion. And I'll agree that Braelyn Wykle deserves whatever she is rewarded. She is one of the most talented point guards I have ever seen. Both players are top notch.
  5. Pre-season Miss Basketball 2018

    I'm not in this conversation and realize it's dumb to interject myself into it, but it's spelled "elite." That just seemed too important in a discussion on grammar to not point that out.
  6. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    South Greene has four gold balls and three silver in AA and two of those silver were due to losing against fellow Eastern teams in Unicoi and Meigs. They will compete with the Middle part of the state. We will all hate seeing Lamb graduate next year but will enjoy watching her on the next level. SG will also be gaining the younger sisters of TK Franklin and Morgan Williams who led their Nolachuckey team deep into the post season as well as an additional young lady. It may be awhile before we see another Lamb, but there are still plenty of players to step into the gym at Rebel Hill.
  7. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    I havent heard her or anyone around here (Greene County) mention anything, but I heard last night that she had offers to MTSU, ETSU, TN Tech, and someone else but I can't remember.
  8. NFHS Replays

    I have been having issues with it for several days. I usually get the videos to play, but only after trying a few times. I wondered if it might be due to a lot of people accessing the site this week.
  9. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    I'm glad Pioneer made this statement as an unbiased person, because I would have said the same thing. Also, SG often dominates in the 2nd half after struggling in the first. And they extended the lead to as much as 15 on several occasions in that 2nd half. And SG cleared their bench and Clarkrange scored several at the end. Lyndsey Cutshaw, the lone senior saw little playing time due to illness in her last two games and she is a big difference maker, especially on defense. I hated to see her miss out on all state her last year, though she was named to it in 2016.
  10. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    Yeah, that's a big question mark for me. I was hoping pujo or anyone from Hampton could give some info on that one. We (SG) have played them four times and I'd much rather go up against #25 than #40. Heck they'd put em both on Lamb at times, I just don't understand why they didn't use both or at the very least leave Garland #40 in. They have a great team.
  11. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    It looks like Summertown will be a tough team over the next few years.
  12. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    I wasn't able to watch it but was following stats and saw it was 11-12 at halftime. That's just crazy.
  13. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    Congrats to Hampton on making the final four. I knew you'd make Clarkrange play for it. Question: why did Garland come out of the game? I was only able to follow stats on tssaa, but I don't remember her having trouble. That seemed to be when the momentum hit Clarkrange.
  14. District 1-A

    The tournament began with only four districts being represented and now only district 1 has two teams heading to the final 4. That's something to be proud of.
  15. 2017 Class A State Tournament

    The Lady Rebels are a family and they show that. They are very unselfish in their gameplay and it truly showed tonight. They had 16 assists compared to Pickett's 5. There were several times that Lamb could have taken an easy shot, but instead dished to someone under the goal for an even easier shot. This is why I love to watch them play. Pickett definitely held Braelyn back and you have to Pat them on the back for that but they left the inside wide open with Taylor and Morgan going for 19 each. That has been the theme for SG all along... You can't focus on any one or two players because they have a bench who can step in at anytime. It also helped with foul calls, which I thought were a bit ridiculous. But we were able to spread them out more with the depth that we had. I just love this team. They have been a joy to follow these past two years. And they are really great girls outside of basketball