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The 8-1A all-region football team

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8-1A all-region football team

John Varlas , [email protected]6:54 p.m. CST November 15, 2016



Here's the 8-1A all-region team as chosen by the league's coaches.


First team offense


QB-Dewayne Betts, KIPP; RB-Kenneth Richmond, Middle College; Josh Williams, KIPP; WR-Orreon Finley, KIPP; Desten Palmer, Middle College; OL-Isaac Green Jr., Middle College; Thomas Donald, Middle College; Jeremiah Branch, KIPP; Algeroon Cooper, KIPP; Jamie Walsh, KIPP


First team defense


DE/OLB-Marco Bowen, Middle College; Tyrus Moore, Middle College; DT-Christopher DeFrance, Middle College; Kobe Lewis, Middle College; LB-Bryant Jones, KIPP; Devon Polk, Middle College; Clay Dixon, Middleton; CB-Josh Williams, KIPP; Tyrone Jones, KIPP; S-Josh Williams, KIPP; Rashad Robinson, Middle College


First team special teams


K-Jamie Anderson-Fisher, Middle College; P-Jamie Anderson-Fisher, Middle College; KR-Keyshawn Davis, Middle College; PR-Orreon Finley, KIPP


Second team offense


QB-Keyshawn Davis, Middle College; RB-Demarrion Yancey, BTW; Aaron Burnett, Middleton; WR-Rashad Robinson, Middle College; Tyrus Moore, Middle College; OL-Caleb Rooks, Middle College; Logan Davis, Middle College; Malik Bernard, Middle College; Jalen Guy, KIPP; Austin Agee, KIPP


Second team defense


DE/OLB-Isaac Green Jr., Middle College; DT-Jalen Guy, KIPP; Demario Cleaves, KIPP; LB-Jervis Spencer, Middle College; Torry Williams, KIPP; CB-Jacob Hamer, Middle College; S-Caleb Copeland, Middle College


Second team special teams


P-Chason Lor, Middleton; KR-Orreon Finley, KIPP; PR-Keyshawn Davis, Middle College



Offensive player of the year: Dewayne Betts, KIPP


Defensive player of the year: Christopher DeFrance, Middle College


Special teams player of the year: Keyshawn Davis, Middle College


Student-athlete of the year: Caleb Copeland, Middle College


Coach of the year: Tim Thompson, KIPP

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