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2017 Halls Invitational

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sesayne    0

The 2017 Halls Invitational is here.


This years field includes:


Brentwood Academy, Cane Ridge, Chattanooga, Central, Clarksville, Cleveland, Cookeville, Farragut, Gibbs, Halls, Harpeth, Maryville, Mountain Brook (Alabama), Red Bank, Seymour, Webb, West Creek and William Blount


Wrestling starts at 10:00. Come out and support some great programs.


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sesayne    0

Teams Entered:


Brentwood Academy

Cane Ridge

Chattanooga Central


Cleveland                              Ranked #1 AAA



Gibbs                                     Defending Region Champs and top 6 State finish

Halls                                       Ranked #7 AAA



Mountain Brook (Alabama)

Red Bank                              Defending Dual State Champs A-AA



West Creek

William Blount

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sesayne    0

Potential Matchups:


3. Christian Isbell (Clarksville) D-I AAA

5. Chris Rice (Red Bank) D-I A-AA



4. Garrett Bowers (Cleveland) D-I AAA

4. Dylan Becker (Harpeth) D-I A-AA



1. Calvin Martin (William Blount) D-I AAA

3. Bryce Pond (Cleveland) D-I AAA



5. Tolliver Justice (Halls) D-I AAA

2. Zack Tieng (Knox Webb) DII



1. Colton Landers (Cleveland) D-I AAA

3. Chase Brown (Halls) D-I AAA

5. Landon Adzima (Gibbs) D-I AAA



5. Cody Matthews (Cleveland) D-I AAA
6. Matthew Maxwell (Gibbs) D-I AAA

4. Thomas Hatcher (Harpeth) D-I A-AA



5. Logan Whiteside (Cleveland) D-I AAA

2. Isaac Coffman (Chattanooga Central) D-I A-AA

3. Jonah Bird (Red Bank) D-I A-AA


3. Daelyn Rose (Harpeth) D-I A-AA



1. Alonzo Heyward (Chattanooga Central) D-I A-AA

5. Dawson Satterfield (William Blount) D-I AAA



2. Colton McMahan (Halls) D-I AAA

3. Thomas Butler (Brentwood Ac) D II

4. Jackson Hash (Red Bank) D-I A-AA



1. Hunter Fortner (Gibbs) D-I AAA
2. James Hartgrove (William Blount) D-I AAA
3. Jack Hicks (Cleveland) D-I AAA



6. Elijah Lawson (Gibbs) D-I AAA

3. Braden Murphy (Brentwood Ac) D II



5. Samuel Garcia (Cleveland) D-I AAA

3. Devin Suddeth (Red Bank) D-I A-AA



6. Titus Shafton (Cleveland) D-I AAA

2. Airin Spell (Brentwood Ac) D II

5. Devin Smith (Harpeth) D-I A-AA
6. Jeremiah Welch (Red Bank) D-I A-AA

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