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6AAA 2017

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Possibly going to be interesting season.


Warren County will probably be the best overall team.  Good coaching, very knowledgeable, smart moves during the game.  Adapt well during the game.  Players are strong.  They play up in tough games, but hopefully they will not falter toward the end of the games.  


Cookeville will probably be the team to beat because of the players athletic abilities and coaching.  The confidence they show and their maturity will be the difference in games.  Coaching is very good.  


Rhea County has great athletes, but not sure how coaching will pan out this year.  But, if the athletes play this year this could be the team to watch out for.


Stone has some good kids.  Don't know much about this team this year.


Cumberland has some good kids as well.  Good pitching, and strong catcher with good hitters. So they could come on strong.  


White County has some good players, one or two have already signed with colleges to play.  But the same ole issues with coaches.  New head Coach is basketball coach so he may be a good one.  He had coached softball a few years ago and did a good job. But, he has not worked with kids at all because of basketball.

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howdydoall    1

Yeah, Lady Pioneers are due. They have been good for a couple of years.  I think this looks like their year.


So has anybody seen any of the districts team play or scrimmage? 


Be interesting to see what you think of the play this year.

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howdydoall    1

Well, I want to let you know my thoughts on a couple of things for this district.

I "got" the opportunity to drive 30 miles to watch 3 pitchers and two catchers I have watched during travel ball. I was extremely pumped to watch these five. The pitchers have curves, drops, change ups, and screw balls. So the pitchers duel was going to be amazing.

Oh, I traveled to Sparta to watch a scrimmage with Murfreesboro Central Magnet. Sparta has two college pitchers, one has already signed.  Central has a pitcher with a great screw ball and will be a college pitcher.  I ended up disgusted with high school coaching! Not Central Magnet, mind you, but Sparta. The head coach I think is the head basketball coach, and he was ok - he was engaged with his team and tried to get some things going, but the other coaches were knots on a log. The older one who called pitches just as well not been there, because his pitchers were: fastball inside, fastball outside - the whole game.  Yes, these two very good pitchers pitched fastballs all night.  AND, anybody can hit a fastball.  So needless to say, fastballs and 14 errors later, Sparta got the crap beat out of them. Centrals pitcher has a great screwball and she did her job.  So to put it honestly, Sparta is a AAA school with two college pitchers and Magnet is a AA School with a College pitcher, but, Magnet out coached, out hustled, and out played Sparta. Sparta was not in any way prepared to play and with their pitch calling, I am completely sure they will be pathetic during their AAA season.  

The catcher who started is an amazing athlete and the coach had her in the right position.  She has a monster arm.  She has been the catcher for her pitcher for years.  The second catcher who caught the pitcher who has already signed to play college ball, was a lazy, eye rolling, walk back to pick up a ball while runners were running the bases.  She could not catch the pitches and seemed as if she didn't want to be there.  She had no business in that position. The other catcher I came to see didn't even get the chance to catch, playing outfield and shortstop.  

I don't know anything about the way the kids are practicing, but believe me, Sparta is not ready to compete in this District where there are some real good coaching from Cookeville and McMinnville especially. 


Sparta is in trouble if they continue to NOT use these two pitchers - I have watched them game after game after game and their pitches are some of the top in the state, but this pitch caller has lowered them to "just ok pitchers".  Pretty sad to see this.


Central Magnet hustled, were aggressive at the plate, ran the bases, and didn't have "an excuse" for things.  They were above board on sportsmanship and they will have a hard time in their district, but, for sure, they will outplay some of those teams.


I walked away impressed with Central's Coaches and their style of play, which was a higher level of the game.

I waked away unimpressed with Sparta's coaches, which obviously came little league.

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I watched this scrimmage as well, howdydoall, and I have to admit, White County is completely unprepared.  

I too, have watched these pitchers who are both very good, one signing with Vol State and the other will sign, but fastball inside and fastball outside is a pathetic job of calling pitches.  Do not know why this man refuses to find out what these pitchers can throw with a 80% rate.  And, why they have a lazy, eye rolling, walk to pick up a pitch while runners are advancing catcher.  YES, I saw that happen as well as fifty others in the stands.  Unreal to me.

Unless the head coach makes some real changes, by putting the best players in the right positions, before Monday, Smith County will school them. 



Warren County  (possible tie with Cookeville)

Rhea County




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Well, last night I was in Murfreesboro and a couple of people who know me and know I post on coacht, ask about my boldness on my post.  One agreed with me on most comments, and one, well we had a great conversation on the ignorance of some of our coaches.  

Now, we are not the normal "parents" who think our kid is the All Time best at whatever they do - we are parents who have studied the game, raised in the game, as I said, studied the game in every shape form and fashion and know the game of fast pitch softball pretty darn good.  I played with some of the best of the game and I believe I know stupidity when I see it.  I do not, to someones face or on this posting, turn away from the truth or coat things for someone to feel better about themselves.  So, we talked for about two hours discussing this district, as well as other teams around the state. 

He told me I have upset some folks from this district - well, to be honest, I guess I have.  He told me I should come out and let everyone know who I am - well, for what reason, I would say the same to your face, and he told me I didn't need to call out coaches who were trying to work at the game and I said, those coaches needed to learn the game and play the people who deserved to play and not the ones who liked their butts.  But, we came to some understanding of why I hate ignorance and stupidity in the game of fast pitch softball.  

These girls deserve better - they deserve more than a body who is on the field to collect a check, and they deserve someone who will push them to get better, not someone who is there to roll a ball out to them, to never talk to their players and find out for themselves what the player can do. I mean, if you only go by what an assistant tells you, how are you as a head coach going to know what you players can do and are willing to do to win a game. 

I am tired of ignorance and stupid in the game of fast pitch softball. These girls deserve so much more.  They are as important than basketball players.  They work as hard as basketball players.  

So, I will gladly talk to anyone who wants to talk, but don't ask me to candy coat anything. 


I care a lot more about these kids who work their butts off for this amazing game.

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SoftballT    0

District play may be interesting, not sure who will be the favorite. Rhea Co. and Warren Co. both played well last year and return some key players. Cookeville went undefeated in district last year but lost a lot. White Co. Stone Memorial and Cumberland Co. could move up to challenge this year, not sure what they lost to graduation.

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Cookeville proved they have what it takes to win the District last night in a BIG WIN against a very good DeKalb County team, in extra innings, 7-5.

Radford, Cookeville's pitcher looked good, and was very strong in striking out 16 hitters.  Cookeville is once again loaded and is the team to beat in this District.  I wasn't sure what they had so this proved a lot to me.

The score was 4-4 at the end of seven and then Caplinger gave up three runs in the eighth.  

I love watching GOOD COACHES, GOOD TEAMS, and a NEVER DIE ATTITUDE by either team!

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