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MidTN Senior All-Star Classic Rosters

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2017 MidTN Senior All-Star Classic
Class A

Bo Whitlock              C                  Watertown               Christian Brothers Univ.

Justin Vaden             C                  Gordonsville            

Matthew Boyett         C                  Eagleville                

Seth Price                IF/P              Watertown               Lindsey Wilson

Drew King                IF                 Loretto

Luke Cunningham      IF                 Forrest

Chance Beck             IF                 East Robertson

Tyler Boling              IF                 Jackson Co.

Rob Patterson           IF/P              East Robertson          Freed Hardeman

Ryan Lyle                 IF/P              Goodpasture

Bobby Parliment        1B/P             Gordonsville             Roane St. CC

Gage Gregory            1B                Goodpasture             Freed Hardeman

Jared Smith              1B/P             MTCS                     

Dayton Woods           P                  Goodpasture  

Jonathan Lykins         P/3B             Forrest

Wyatt Blessing           OF/P             Goodpasture             Cumberland Univ.

Zach Wallace            OF/P             Goodpasture             Carson Newman

Wiley Barton             P/OF             Trousdale Co.            Cumberland Univ.

Jacob Laws               OF/P             Loretto                    North Alabama

Layne Dryden            OF/P             Loretto                   

Isacc Howeth            OF                East Robertson          Freed Hardeman

Michael Allen            OF/1B           Cornersville    

Coaches: Derek Wix (East Robertson), Will Wakefield (Jackson Co.), Travis Holland (Eagleville),
EJ Wood (Watertown)




2017 MidTN Senior All-Star Classic

Division II

Zach Walker             C                  FRA             

Jack Shuttleworth       C                  JPII                                  Maryville College

Ethan Tressler           IF/P              Davidson Academy               UNC-Ashville

Nick Cummings         IF/P/OF          Davidson Academy               North Alabama

Eli Thibado               IF/OF            DCA                                 Union University

Jake Evans               IF/OF            MBA                      

Sandy Hindman         1B/P    Univ. School Nashville

Easton Cline             OF/1B           Brentwood Academy  

Bryce Jarvis              IF/P              Brentwood Academy             Duke

Daniel Bohem           IF/P              Mt. Juliet Christian              Cumberland University

Ponder Thurmond      IF                 FRA                       

Brock Myers             IF/P              Davidson Academy               Tennessee Tech

Jake Holloway           IF/P              BGA                                  Centre College

Travis Reaves            IF/P              DCA                                 Carson Newman

Christian Drake          OF                FRA                       

Pace Dempsey           OF/IF            JPII                                  Mississippi State

Jordan Weems          OF                JPII                                  Vol State CC

CJ Laws                   OF                JPII                                  Rhodes College (Football)

Chandler Schultz        P/OF             Ensworth                           Belmont

Nick Pianto              P                  JPII                                  Murray State

Zach Brown              P                  DCA                      

Alex Reynolds           P/1B/2B         Brentwood Academy            

Coaches: Kevin Baynham, Chris Parker (JPII), Mike Kittrell (MJCA)



2017 MidTN Senior All-Star Classic
Class AA

Cooper Mays                          C/IF                         Hickman County                     Freed Hardeman

Hayden Locum                        C/IF                         Central Magnet                      Columbia St. CC

Jacob Foster                            C/IF                         Waverly Central                    

Seth Gardner                          IF                             Cascade

Stephen Bledsoe                     IF/P                         Fairview

Brycen Thomas                       IF/P                         Spring Hill                               MTSU

Ryan Troup                             IF/C                         East Nashville                        

Mikey Zito                              IF/P                         Hume-Fogg                             Washington & Jefferson

Dylan Jenkins                         IF                             Central Magnet                     

Zeke Lecomte                         IF/P                         Creek Wood                            Vol State CC

Chandler Gant                         1B/P                        Lipscomb Academy

Cooper Reynolds                     1B/P                        CPA                                         

Eric Kuster                              OF                           Macon County       

John Jolley                              OF                           Sycamore

Lane Harris                             OF/P                        CPA                                          Walters St. CC

Taylor Warwick                      OF                           Spring Hill                               Martin Methodist

Stone Selby                             P/OF                        Lewis County                          Belmont

John Williams                         OF                           Lipscomb Academy                               

James Touchton                      P                              Central Magnet     

Connor Pate                            P                              Creek Wood

Gage Gillian                            P                              Spring Hill                               Walters St. CC

Josh Endicott                           P/1B                        Upperman                               Cincinnati

Jacob Thompson                     IF/P                         White House Heritage          

Chase Haley                            OF/P                        Creek Wood                            Vol State CC

Coaches: Chris Clapper (Creek Wood), Jason Patterson (Central Magnet), Jesse Blair (Hume Fogg), Paul Lamm (Spring Hill),
Keith Dearing (East Nashville)




2017 MidTN Senior All-Star Classic
Class AAA

Carson Carroll                         C                              Independence                                        

Ryan Mortenson                     C                              Beech

David Bowman                       C                              Rossview                                               

Colby Elkins                            3B                            Warren County

Austin Steel                            3B/P                        Stewarts Creek                                       Freed Hardeman

Zach Sharber                           3B/1B                      Ravenwood (Injured)                              Columbia St. CC

Billy Creger                             OF/P                        Centennial (Injured)

Chase Dixon                            3B/SS                      Tullahoma                                               Motlow St. CC

Grey Epps                               SS                            Rossview                                           Southern Illinois University

Thomas Zazzaro                     2B/SS                      Station Camp                                          Lee University

Nick Sanders                           SS                            Lebanon                                                  Lindsey Wilson

Bailey Ethridge                       2B                            Overton                                                   Jackson St. CC

Andy Denning                         1B/OF                     Gallatin                                                  

Daniel Freeman                      1B/P                        Stewarts Creek                                       Columbia St. CC

Luke Reidy                              1B/P                        Brentwood                                             

Tyler Thompson                      OF                           Station Camp                                          Carson Newman

Cody Hutcherson                    OF                           Cookeville                                              

A.D. Pugh                                OF                           Cookeville                                               Columbia St. CC

Jackson Pope                          OF                           Brentwood                             

Dayton Sanders                      OF                           Smyrna                                                  

Zac Vaughn                             OF/P                        Antioch                                                    Mississippi Valley

Josh Galloway                        P                              Brentwood                                              Birmingham Southern

Cody Spurgeon                        P                              Clarksville                                               Austin Peay

Dalton Hall                             P                              Beech                                                     

Ryan Hill                                 P                              Wilson Central

Mitch Rogers                          P                              Clarksville Northeast                              Western Carolina

Rolley Hunt                             P                              Hillwood                                                

Colt Williams                          P                              Shelbyville                                              Jackson University

Coaches: Dustin Smith (Clarksville NE), Randy Harrell (Hillwood), Jon Whipple (Franklin), Andy Gilley (Hendersonville)



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