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  1. That's been a long time ago now....I doubt anyone is thinking about anything but the current Baylor streak. Especially seniors of either school....as the Baylor kids have never lost the game and the McCallie kids have never tasted victory. I would expect a very good game. It is amusing though at all the crying McCallie fans did when Baylor started having the game on their campus. Personally I think having it on each respective campus is good for the schools.
  2. Baylor goes on the road and gets a very good win over Father Ryan. Big win for the Red Raiders.
  3. Sounds like Baylor's D played great. I was surprised it was not a better game. Good luck to both teams.
  4. I feel pretty sure that Baylor's coaches and Baylor's players will not come out in the second half relaxed as you say. After all this is for the state championship. Ensworth will need another plan as you say because getting beat 42-14 well, that game plan did not work. Good luck to Baylor. Hope you guys bring it home this year.
  5. I will take Baylor in this one. They shut down Elder earlier in the year. That might not happen again....but with the Baylor QB, a strong running game and the best kicker in the state...I take Baylor. Baylor seniors Barrett Gouger and Henrique Ribeiro just won D2 players of the year and that is pretty impressive. But Baylor is going to have to hang onto the ball...which has been a problem for them in the playoffs. Bring the championship home to Chattanooga! Baylor's kicker kick's another 50 yarder to win. Baylor 31 Ensworth 28.
  6. Congratulations to Baylor on the win. Hope you guys bring home the championship to Chattanooga. Good luck.
  7. I have to disagree. Ensworth would not have a mental advantage because they won last year. Baylor's pounding of Ensworth this year got the mental thing out of the way. Add to that...that Baylor lead the entire way in the championship game until the very end. It would be a very good game for sure if it happens.
  8. Good one bruisermom! Good luck to you....I will be pulling for Baylor in spirit. But will be at the Red Bank game.
  9. Baylor played a dominating game against Ensworth and has had an undefeated season to date. McCallie lost to Ensworth but has beaten every other team handily. Should be a great game but Baylor I think is just too talented. I think Baylor will extend their streak over McCallie. Baylor by 10.
  10. Wow. Way to go Baylor! Must have played lights out. Red Bank had their hands full with Hixson tonight....or I would have been there. Congratulations on a huge victory.
  11. The Red Raiders win in a close game. Baylor by 7.
  12. Back to back weeks traveling to Nashville is tough but I think Baylor will do it. They are just a very good football team. Alot of talent. Won't predict the score but Baylor will win. Go Red Bank!
  13. Congrats to Baylor on another big road win. Just read thru the posts. Thanks bigred4life for posting. Go Red Bank!
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